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The Lovable Quirks of Every Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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You have a rare ability to be charming and completely rebellious at the same time. You have almost zero respect for traditions or doing things the way they’ve always been done. You think everything can be made newer and better, which sometimes leads to grand innovations and other times leads to “reinventing the wheel”. But even if your ideas don’t always come to fruition, you do everything with such contagious enthusiasm and curiosity that we can’t help but get swept away in the excitement of it all.

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You have an energy and spontaneity that amps up the atmosphere and makes all of us listen. Your curiosity for new ideas, your lack of respect for the rules, and your easy charm make it nearly impossible to dislike you. You may forget to match your socks, eat breakfast, or wash your dishes – but you’re so swept up in the excitement of the future that you make us realize all those little details don’t really matter that much anyway.


Whether you’re holed up in a corner with your nose buried in a book or regaling us with your latest passion or idea, everything about you is tinged with a sense of wonder. You’re a person of deep ideals and vivid dreams. You may seem absent-minded sometimes as you get lost in your thoughts and fantasies, but even that makes you that much more enchanting and intriguing.

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You have a habit of saying the truth at times when everyone else is sugarcoating things. While it may create some awkward silences or nervous glances from time to time, we can’t help but admire your honesty. Your random, unstructured thoughts and questioning nature spark a curiosity in us that leads us down the rabbit hole of both perplexing and eye-opening insights.


Your charisma and passion is contagious and your warm hugs are unforgettable. But underneath your energy and warmth is someone who is questioning, incessantly curious, and obsessed with learning the psychology of how people tick. You can appear full of friendliness and light and then turn around and dissect the inner-workings of a serial killer. The complexity of your type is both fascinating and endearing.


You despise small talk and time spent on shallow activities. In fact, you can be quite brusque and dismissive of such things. Sometimes this makes people hate you – they feel that you’re rude and overly-direct. But to those of us who know you well (and who share your proclivities), we admire your ability to “cut to the chase” and get past all surface-level conversation. Your visionary insights and your inability to sugarcoat make you a trusted source of information and honest advice.


You may be de-coding the dance of the universe and forming insights that are shockingly accurate. But you might be doing all this while bumping into corners, pouring orange juice into your bowl of cereal, or putting your shoes on the wrong feet. Your dominant mental process, intuition, gives you far-reaching insights and mysterious perceptions. But your lack of awareness for sensing-related details can trip you up as you lose sight of the tangible nuances of your surroundings. We find this trait about you both hilarious and lovable all at the same time.

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You are the ultimate non-conformist – you don’t mind being different from the crowd, thinking for yourself, and arguing against long-standing traditions that make no rational sense to you. Your highly-intellectual thinking capabilities paired with your individualistic values make you intense and fiercely independent. While these unique qualities can intimidate some, they are also characteristics we deeply admire about you.

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You have a youthful sense of playfulness and fun that is contagious and addictive. You’re never too old to jump on a trampoline, belt out your favorite tune in the car, or embark on a new adventure with the enthusiasm and hopefulness of a kid going to Disney World for the first time.  Your effervescent charisma, spontaneity, and humor bring out the kid in all of us and remind us of the joy and excitement to be experienced in each moment.


You like to be challenged, dared, or told you “can’t” do something. You like to prove people wrong and test your abilities. Sometimes this lands you in prickly situations – you might “leap before you look” or scare your friends and family when you base-jump from terrifying heights. But your bravery paired with your wry humor and charm make you all the more likable to us. So keep being you – as safely as possible.


Your individualistic streak causes you to avoid labels, structures, and rules like the plague. You are led by a deeply-personal set of values, ideals, and beliefs. This can make you feel like a misfit, but it is also one of the things we deeply admire about you. Whether you’re painting a picture that echoes with the desires of your heart or rescuing a dog or cat from an animal shelter, you do everything with a passion and authenticity that we love.


You speak sarcasm so fluently that 75% of the time people can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious (and you kind of like it that way). You also have the ability to crumple up anything and toss it into the wastebasket with perfect aim every single time. If you miss (which I’ve never seen happen) you’re probably sick or sleep-deprived. You also seem to know a million random facts about everything under the sun (or above it for that matter). All these little characteristics make you fascinating and endearing in all the right ways.


You’ve got a calendar, planner, or notebook with you just about everywhere you go and your sense of organization is uncanny. You seem to know other people’s birthday before they even do, you’re the person most likely to bring a hot meal to a friend who’s sick, and you instantly notice when someone is feeling out of sorts. While not extremely quirky, these characteristics are one of the reasons we find you so lovable and admirable as a human.


You’re a unique blend of focused and gregarious, down-to-earth and imaginative. People who don’t know you very well might think you’re all about hard work and staying on task, but anyone who’s very close to you has probably seen your occasional zany side. You have an offbeat, sometimes zany sense of humor and an enthusiasm for discussing unusual ideas (as long as you don’t have a more important task that needs to be done). While this may not be a really obvious quirk (especially to people who don’t know you well) it’s one that your loved ones are likely to appreciate about you.


While not everyone realizes this, you tend to have one or two subjects that you are obsessing over at any given time. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Dr. Who, antique clocks, or macarons, ISFJs like you always seem to have one or two things you know EVERYTHING about. The way your face lights up when you talk about your passion is endearing and lovable and we can’t help but get carried away with your gentle (and sometimes self-conscious) enthusiasm.


The quirk we love about you is one that not everyone sees right away. Some people are so impatient that they may miss it altogether. You have a wry, offbeat and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor that lurks under the surface just waiting to be expressed. Sometimes we just see a twinkle in your eye and know that you’ve got an amusing scenario playing through your head. No matter what your humor is, it’s nearly always surprising in contrast to your steady, calm, grounded outside demeanor.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Discover the lovable quirks of each #MBTI type! #Personality #Myersbriggs #typology #INFJ #INTJ #INFP

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  1. As an ESTJ woman swimming against the current in a sea of female feelers, it was nice to read and identify with my quirks. Thanks for sharing our lighter side.😉

  2. Being an INTJ female, I get that I am all the things that you mentioned. However, being in a nation where women are not considered equal, my qualities usually slap me in the face. But, I am still not changing who I am.

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