10 Things That Excite the INFP Personality Type

INFPs are one of the rarest Myers-Briggs® personality types. They make up a mere 4.4% of the U.S. population and are known for being sensitive, caring, and idealistic. People with this personality type are energized by inhabiting their inner world, creating new ideas, empathizing with people, and being free to explore and imagine. In this article, we’re going to discover some of the many things that bring INFPs joy.

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Discover 10 things that excite and inspire the #INFP personality type! #MBTI #Myersbriggs #typology

10 Things that Excite the INFP Personality Type

#1 – Reading

In a study I conducted about personality type and amount of books read per year, INFPs came in 1st place! 287 INFPs participated in the study and they read an average number of 68 books per year! Reading gives INFPs the chance to imagine, empathize, and connect with diverse and varied characters.

#2 – Art

According to the MBTI® Manual, INFPs are over-represented in the leisure activity, “Appreciating Art”. This comes as no surprise because through artwork INFPs are able to express their deeply-held inner values, emotions, desires, and feelings. Many times INFPs feel that artwork gives tangible expression to what they feel inside. It can be difficult for them to just speak about their feelings or values – art is more indirect and provides a therapeutic outlet for self-expression.

#3 – Music

As with artwork, INFPs find tangible expression for their feelings, values, and emotions through music. In fact, many of our greatest musicians have been INFPs! Kurt Cobain, Tori Amos, Bjork, Thom Yorke, Regina Spektor, Chris Martin and Matt Bellamy are all rumored INFPs.

#4 – Writing

INFPs love to bring their imaginative inner worlds to life on the written page. Through writing, they can explore ideas, characters, and creative visions in an in-depth way. In fact, according to Isabel Briggs-Myers, INFPs “have a gift for language…The literary tendency evident in this type derives from the combination of intuition and feeling. Intuition supplies imagination and insight, feeling supplies the urge to communicate and share, and the command of language is apparently a joint product of intuition’s facility with symbols and feeling’s artistic discrimination and taste.” (Quote taken from Gifts, Differing).

#5 – Unstructured Time

Being able to wake up and experience a whole day of unscheduled time is extremely invigorating for the INFP. These types love an empty schedule and the freedom to fill it up with creative opportunities, possibilities, books, musing, or whatever inspiration piques their interest. If you know of an INFP mom, one of the best things you can do for them during a holiday is give them a block of unstructured time by offering babysitting services or taking care of some of their responsibilities!

#6 – Intimate, One-on-One Conversation

INFPs tend to dislike small talk or big group conversations where one has to be rather aggressive to get their voice heard. However, they love intimate conversations with someone close to them. They enjoy discussing their deeper ideals, their vast, far-reaching visions of the future, or their creative endeavors. They enjoy getting to the core of someone else’s psychology and inspiring them and being inspired themselves.

#7 – Brainstorming

Exploring connections, ideas, possibilities, and solutions is inspiring to INFPs. They love being able to jump from idea to idea to see unusual and random opportunities. The spontaneity of discussion, the lack of boundaries, and the creativity involved in brainstorming is all very stimulating to them!

#8 – Traveling

Exploring new cultures, environments, or obscure parts of the world is deeply inspiring for INFPs. The newness of everything helps them to feel creative and opens their mind to new ways of living life. They enjoy getting to know how other people live and the unique values of different cultures. They enjoy wandering in tranquil, unexplored regions and simply enjoying the freedom it offers.

#9 – Daydreaming

INFPs don’t need a lot of outward stimulation to be inspired creatively. Daydreaming allows them to explore any world, any topic, any possibility from the freedom of their own mind. Many INFPs have created lush imaginary worlds, pivotal relationships, or imagined some of their greatest ambitions while daydreaming.

#10 – Animals

Many INFPs have a soft spot for animals – especially animals that have been abandoned or neglected and are in need of love. As introverted feeling types, INFPs have a special place in their hearts for the struggling and vulnerable creatures of the world and they enjoy being able to nurture them and give them a place they can call home.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do these things bring you joy? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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Discover 10 things that bring joy to the #INFP personality type! #Personality #typology #MBTI #myersbriggs

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    1. Amen to that! When I was a child, my happiest place on earth was either at the frog pond or deep in the woods–my best friends were frogs and trees.. A fortuitous marriage late in life (i.e., after my kids were grown) coincidentally brought me three frog ponds (well, two ponds and an actual LAKE!) and 84 acres of woodland.
      I happily took early retirement from academia and now spend my days where I was always meant to be.

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