The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ENTJs

As the daughter of an ENTJ, I grew up always hearing “don’t get me anything!” around birthdays and Christmas. My dad never really liked gifts and didn’t particularly like buying them either, unless he spontaneously got an idea about something someone would like. I remember spending one particular Christmas Eve at a gas station with him as he picked out random things for everyone for Christmas. I think he got my mom an oil change kit. Keep in mind, this same dad surprised my mom for their anniversary with a surprise trip to Las Vegas where her wedding dress was waiting so that they could renew their vows. So he could alternate between being a sucky and absolutely amazing gift giver. But not every ENTJ is my dad obviously.

When I thought about writing gift ideas for ENTJs, of course, I thought of my dad. I wondered how I’d possibly find seven ideas for a group of people who generally get what they want if they want something and don’t really wait around for others to buy it. Thankfully, there are a variety of ENTJs and some of them had some pretty amazing gift ideas!

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The ENTJ’s Relationship with Gifts

Most of the ENTJs I spoke with (but not all) weren’t really crazy about receiving gifts. They didn’t like the forced nature of holiday giving. Most of them would rather give spontaneously when the mood strikes, when it feels authentic, when they know that someone needs or would really like something. There were several ENTJs who enjoyed holiday gift-giving, but they were pretty outnumbered. Like many of the NTs I spoke with, ENTJs felt awkward opening gifts in front of people. They worried their reactions weren’t satisfying enough. Gifts from loved ones who went out of their way to track down something personal were greatly appreciated. At least the thought was. Sometimes the gift was discarded later, but the thought did matter.

But before you throw up your hands and give up on buying anything for an ENTJ, here is a list of 7 things ENTJs DID mention wanting. As always, take the individual ENTJ you know into account as they aren’t all the same.

The Top 7 Gift Ideas for ENTJs

#1 – The Heads of Their Enemies

I thought of leaving this one out, but it was mentioned far too many times. Since we don’t condone murder around here, I really don’t know how you’ll get this for your ENTJ. You might want to skip to idea #2.

#2 – Something Practical

What does your ENTJ need? Is his wallet worn out? Is his coffeemaker in need of an upgrade? Does his car need new windshield wipers? ENTJs prefer gifts that have a functional, practical use so be attentive to any needs or annoyances he or she is dealing with and see if you can provide a solution.

#3 – An Experience

ENTJs definitely preferred experiences over material gifts most of the time. With tertiary Extraverted Sensing many of their experiences revolved around sensory delights. Going to concerts, nice restaurants, getting a massage, or doing something recreational were all mentioned. Just be attentive to what kind of experiences they like. ENTJs tend to be particular about how they spend their time, and they don’t all enjoy “leisurely” experiences.

#4 – World Conquering Tips

So if you were bummed that you couldn’t actually provide the heads of your ENTJ’s enemies, this one might be a good back-up gift. Books like The Art Of War, The 33 Strategies of War, and The 48 Laws of Power were all mentioned.

#5 – Luxurious, Sophisticated Clothing

ENTJs generally like to dress well, so if you have a knack for picking out refined, luxurious clothes (that you know your ENTJ will love) then this is a good option. If you’re not sure whether you’ll know how to pick the right thing you might want to opt for a gift card to their favorite clothing store.

#6 – Alcoholic Beverages

Does the ENTJ in your life have a favorite wine or mixed drink? Most of the ENTJs I spoke with loved getting a bottle of wine for a gift. You could even go all out with this Holiday Cocktail Tin from Harry & David.

#7 – A High-Quality Pen

A pen might sound like a boring gift, but not to many of the ENTJs I spoke with. They loved having a dependable, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing pen. If you’re not sure what to look for in a pen, I found this site that reviews the top 5 pens in a variety of price ranges (I really didn’t know you could spend $500 on a pen until I found this site!).

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you like these gift ideas? Do you have any other options to add? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. YES! I’m an ENTJ and completely agree with all the ideas…. would love any one that you mentioned! Sent this article to my husband.

  2. Some of these seem to be a bit too narrow. This is how I would apply it to me and maybe it’s just me, but i am entj:

    1. Help tear down obstacles
    2. Give something practical – check
    3. An experience – check
    4. Something to help them acheive their goals
    5. Nice clothes (for me, it doesnt have to be sophisticated; it can just be nice and match my personality, as long as I will actually wear it – same with the other fancy stuff in the list, just not wearing xD)
    6. A meaningful fancy treat (were you getting at the treat or the meaningful end?)
    7. A fancy practical item that will be used

    If on 1 and 4 you were just making a fun joke out of it, I apologize for taking it too seriously. I love your work and this site!

  3. As the wife of an ENTJ i 100% confirl this. I couldn’t help but smile through the list as it sums up why giving him things is so challenging but also why his favorite gifts are my artwork (artsy INFJ over here).

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