Discover 50 summer activities that any extrovert will love. #Extrovert #Bucketlist

The Extrovert’s Ultimate Summer Bucket List

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With the world starting to reopen, more extroverts are hoping to reconnect with the world and enjoy some life outside of their homes! Today’s article will give you 50 ways to immerse yourself in the spirit and joy of the Summer season.

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The Extrovert’s Ultimate Summer Bucket List

#1 – Host (Or Go To) A Barbecue

Nothing says summer like gathering in the backyard for pulled pork, ribs, and potato salad. Play your favorite tunes, enjoy your friends, and celebrate food and good old-fashioned summer fun!

#2 – Attend a Concert

Celebrate the sights and sounds of summer with a visit to a concert. Dancing to pulsing music, laughing with your friends, and serenading your ears with your favorite songs is a great way to celebrate and highlight your summer with some unforgettable memories.

#3 – Have a Bonfire

I’ll have to admit that where I live (in the deep South) a bonfire in the heat of summer sounds suffocating. But if you’re in the northern parts of the country, a bonfire can be a romantic ending to a summer day. Roast marshmallows, make S’mores, and swap life stories around the flames.

#4 – See Fireworks

Pulling out a picnic blanket and watching the sky light up with sparkling colors is one of the most unforgettable ways to celebrate summer. If you can’t catch a fireworks show then maybe you can get your own fireworks at a roadside stand and make your own more low-key presentation!

#5 – Build an Epic Sandcastle

Gather your friends and hit up the beach to test your sandcastle building abilities. You’d be surprised how complex and intricate sandcastles can be! Check out this list of 10 epic sandcastles to get inspiration.

#6 – Play Tennis

Hit up a local tennis court to challenge your reflexes and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Playing tennis has a ton of benefits: It boosts your metabolism, lowers body fat, improves muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and bone density.

#7 – Play Video Games with Friends

Having a rainy summer day and don’t feel like going out? No problem! You can still connect with your friends via your Playstation or Xbox! My extroverted husband loves to gather with his friends remotely and play first-person shooters while swapping jokes and life advice.

#8 – Volunteer for a Cause

Is there a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? Contribute to that cause this summer! This could mean volunteering at a local animal shelter, dropping canned food off at a food pantry, or helping organize an event for a cause you love.

#9 – Have a Summer Movie Marathon

Make a list of all the quintessential summer movies you love and organize a movie marathon with your closest friends! Don’t forget to prepare snacks and take breaks to get outside and enjoy the sun!

Some summer movies you might enjoy:

  • Independence Day
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Stand By Me
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Adventureland
  • The Notebook
  • Bend it Like Beckham
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • The Parent Trap
  • Jaws
  • Mamma Mia!

#10 – Play Cornhole

Get nostalgic with this old-fashioned outdoor game that will test your aim!

#11 – Hang Out By the Pool

No summer would be complete without at least one afternoon spent lazily sipping a cocktail by the pool. Even if you have to inflate the pool yourself, make sure you make it a point to do this!

#12 – Go to the Beach

Get a serotonin boost by soaking up some rays at the beach. Enjoy splashing in the water with your friends, relaxing with a good book, or going on boogie boards with your kids if you’re a parent!

#13 – Host a Dinner Party

Recharge your social battery by hosting a laid-back summer dinner party. Squeeze some fresh lemonade, grill up some burgers, play your favorite songs, and enjoy catching up with the people you love!

#14 – Drop Off a Summer Care Package

Make a basket of summer fun treats or activities and drop it off for someone you love! It could be for a grandparent, a shut-in, a new mom, or just any friend!

Some Summer Basket Ideas:

  • Bubbles
  • Popsicles
  • Summer scented candles
  • Summer scented bath salts or bubble baths
  • A summer movie
  • A mix tape of your favorite summer songs
  • Lemon bars or homemade cookies
  • A set of squirt guns
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip flops
  • Drink mix (lemonade, kool-aid)
  • Bug spray
  • Lip balm

#15 – Go Kayaking

Whether you venture out on the water alone or in tandem with a friend, kayaking can be an exhilarating way to experience the summer season. This low-impact but healthy activity gets you in touch with nature while simultaneously improving your cardiovascular health and muscle fitness.

#16 – Attend a Baseball Game

Another quintessential summer activity, going to a baseball game is a fun way to cheer on your favorite team while laughing and connecting with friends or family. Just make sure to get an extra large cotton candy to maximize the fun!

#17 – Do a Slip ‘n Slide

You may feel too old for a slip ‘n slide, but is there really any rational reason why you shouldn’t enjoy this timeless summer activity? Okay, maybe your back will act up or you’ll fall on your bad knee. But if you’re not worried about that you should definitely revisit this childhood activity for a few laughs and thrills with your friends.

#18 – Have a Scary Movie Watch Party

Gather your friends and your most chill-inducing scary movies for a night of screams and (hopefully) snacks. There’s a very specific type of bonding that occurs when you experience real terror with someone else (just don’t ask me, I can’t stomach most horror movies).

#19 – Go Window Shopping

Find a quaint town with some good stores and wander with your friends, gazing in the windows together. Maybe you’ll find an antique to adorn your home or simply grab some ice cream and admire the latest styles.

#20 – Take a Road Trip with Friends

There’s nothing more memorable than a road trip with friends. Make playlists of your favorite songs, map out your destination, and let the adventures begin!

#21 – Go Hiking

Enjoy the great outdoors while improving your health and fitness! Hiking is an excellent social activity that can be a springboard for some meaningful conversations.

#22 – Attend a State Fair or Carnival

Eating cotton candy on a ferris wheel is probably one of the most classic summer activities you can experience. Check out your local newspaper or do some googling to see if there are any state fairs or carnivals near you!

#23 – Help in a Community Garden

Get outside and improve your community by pulling weeds, watering plants, contributing seeds, or helping with other gardening efforts. Helping in a community garden can provide much-needed help for those living in poverty and it can also positively impact the environment. It’s also a great way to get to know others!

#24 – Go White Water Rafting

Amp up your adrenaline and enjoy the thrill of a white water rafting adventure. This energetic recreational activity is not only healthy, but it’s an exciting way to bond with others.

#25 – Go Fishing

For a more low-key summer activity, dig out your tackle box and go on a fishing excursion. Enjoy the sun on your face while improving your patience, concentration, and enjoying some heart-to-heart conversation.

#26 – Have a Squirt Gun Fight

Whether you have kids yourself or simply want to relive your childhood, a squirt gun fight can be a surprisingly fun and refreshing way to cool off on those sweltering summer days.

#27 – Go to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo can be an engaging and awe-inspiring way to connect with the natural world and its creatures. Pack a picnic lunch to eat while you’re there!

#28 – Ride a Ferris Wheel

And if you have a significant other, be sure to get a romantic kiss in on your way around.

#29 – Play Board Games

Gather your friends and have a board game marathon for some friendly competition and laughter! You can even read this article on finding the perfect board game for your personality type.

#30 – Go Blueberry Picking

Gather your friends for some sunshine and antioxidants this summer. Make sure to prepare a delicious blueberry pie or cobbler when you’re all done!

#31 – Go Hang Gliding

If you’ve ever wished you could fly then this is one of the closest opportunities you’ll get!

#34 – Go Wine Tasting

Many towns have wine tasting events throughout the summer that you can partake in! This is a fun way to mingle with friends while tantalizing your taste buds.

#35 – Have a Water Balloon Fight

You’re never too old for a water balloon fight unless you convince yourself that you are.

#36 – Ride a Big Water Slide

Find a local water park in your area, bring your friends, and venture to the steepest and most thrilling water slide you can find.

#37 – Play Disc Golf

#38 – Go Waterskiing

#39 – Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs

Make a mix tape or Apple playlist of your favorite summer songs. Then listen to them with your friends while you’re out on a drive on a summer night.

#40 – Go to a Farmer’s Market

Try out some local honey, fresh-baked bread, or produce grown in your own home state at a farmer’s market. This is a fun and tasty way to connect with others in your area while supporting your local artisans and farmers.

#41 – Go To a Movie Theater

With the world starting to reopen, now is the perfect time to hit up a movie theater, chow down on some popcorn, and catch a summer blockbuster with your friends or family.

#42 – Sleep Under the Stars

Whether you’re camping out in the mountains of Colorado or in your own backyard, take some time to relax and refresh under the stars.

#43 – Fly Kites

Enjoy this relaxing summer pastime with friends on a windy day. You can pick up a kite for a few dollars at your local department store or you can make one yourself!

#44 – Play Card Games On the Porch

Grab a deck of cards, invite your friends over, and enjoy a lazy afternoon of poker, spoons, peanuts, or canasta while the summer day breezes by.

#45 – Go Bowling

#46 – Visit a Historical Site

Look for a historical site in your own state or take a road trip and visit historical sites along the way. This is a fascinating way to get in touch with your country’s past and the unique stories and experiences of the people who lived then.

#47 – Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Leave positive reviews for a local business, help buy school supplies for disadvantaged kids, deliver diapers or hygienic supplies to a homeless shelter, or pay for the groceries of the person waiting behind you in line!

#48 – Create Cocktails with Your Friends

Experiment with a variety of flavors to make your own delicious concoction. Not sure where to begin? Check out 10 tips on how to make a great cocktail.

#49 – Have an Arts and Crafts Day

Invite your friends over for some good old fashioned crafting. Whether you make seashell bracelets, dreamcatchers, or birdhouses, getting creative together is an excellent way to bond.

#50 – Play Mini Golf

Mini golf is always an exciting summer activity, especially if you have children! You never know if you’ll be hitting your brightly-colored ball into the mouth of a whale or down a waterfall. This is a fun way to boost healthy competitiveness and get out of the house.

The Introvert’s Ultimate Summer Bucket List

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Discover 50 summer activities that any extrovert will love. #Extrovert #Bucketlist

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