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  1. Help! I am an INFP who strongly empathizes with Enneagram 9, 1, and 4! I always get Enneagram 9 on your quiz… But since when does Enneagram 9 delve into feelings (like 4)? I guess I could be 9w1… But being INFP, deep down I like to be certain of where I fit in (inferior Te). I love fitting into systems and hate being uncertain as to where I stand. So if anyone can explain Enneagram 9 for me, or give suggestions otherwise, I’d be very grateful! (I’ve read the INFP and Enneagram 9 article, as well as the article on Enneagram 9, so something other than posting those links, please).

    1. Hi,
      Fellow INFP here who types as a 4 wing 5 with Enneagram. Unfortunately, there is no personality test which can tell you exactly who you are and where you fit. Nothing is perfect, and any description which might sound perfect probably only sounds that way due to confirmation bias. Additionally, personality is something which constantly changes, which is why neither Myers-Briggs nor Enneagram are scientifically accepted by psychologists. It is nice (and may even feel vital) to feel like you belong to a certain category, but nobody fits perfectly, and that’s okay too. Most people will identify with some characteristics of their type more than others, and by limiting yourself to “type-based thinking”, you might be preventing yourself from trying new things that can help you to grow. Scoring 97% on introversion made me even more reclusive, for example.
      I’m sure you know deep down that people simply can’t neatly fit into personality boxes. It’s fun to learn about, but try not to take it so seriously! No test will tell you who you are, because who you are evolves with experience; and if you (like me) spend far too long on your inner quest to find out who you are and where you belong, you’ll probably end up missing out on the “life” part of life.
      Live well, nice person.
      And don’t worry about not fitting. It makes you unique!

    2. Usually if you read about the core fear of each type, there might be one making your skin crawl, that would be a good indicator.
      Also.. not being able to determine what your enneatype is can be a sign you’re a 9.
      You can also read about the tritype, we all have a bit of each enneatype, some more than others, it’s different from the MBTI.
      For each center (emotional 2-3-4, physical 8-9-1, mental 5-6-7), you’ll have a dominant type, so your tritype could be 946, for example.

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