Here’s the Movie Action Hero You’d Be, Based On Your Enneagram Type

I’d like to start your day off by making you feel more cool and dauntless than you’ve ever felt before – by comparing you to John Wick. Yes, today we’re going to dive into the Enneagram types of our favorite action heroes. And one of them just might have your Enneatype! Want to see if you agree with me? Let’s get started!

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Here’s the Action Hero with Your Enneagram Type

Estimated reading time: 20 minutes

1. Maximus Decimus Meridius (Gladiator) and Ellen Ripley (Alien) – The Reformers (Enneagram 1)

Enneagram 1 Action Heroes: Ellen Ripley and Maximus Decimus Meridius

“Strength and honor.” – Maximus Decimus Meridius

Enneagram 1 Overview: This type emphasizes being correct, organized, and sensible. They focus on having high standards, improving themselves, and knowing the rules.

Principled and focused, Maximus has a strong sense of right and wrong, which is pretty handy when you’re battling corruption in Ancient Rome or simply trying to choose the right sandals for combat. His path from a respected general to a vengeful gladiator striving to honor his murdered family reveals to us the Enneagram 1’s core motivation: integrity above all else. You know, just a typical day at the Colosseum.

  • Innate Sense of Justice: Maximus embodies the Enneagram 1’s deep commitment to fairness and justice. His entire quest is driven by a desire to rectify the wrongs done to him and his family.
  • Self-Discipline: Maximus showcases remarkable self-discipline From his rigorous training as a gladiator to his focus on his goals, he’s all about steadfastness in the face of adversity.
  • Attention to Detail: Maximus constantly observes his surroundings and devises plans with precision, ensuring that every action serves a purpose towards his ultimate goal of justice.
  • High Personal Standards: Maximus holds himself to exceedingly high standards, consistently striving to be honorable and just, regardless of personal cost.
  • Idealism: Despite the corruption and betrayal he faces, Maximus never loses sight of his ideals.

And let’s not forget Ellen Ripley from Alien. It’s not easy keeping your cool in the midst of an alien infestation, but if anyone can do it, it’s Ripley. Her sheer self-restraint and self-control is a wonder to behold. With her sturdy sense of duty and ethical compass, Ripley navigates the treacherous corridors of the starship Nostromo like a true Self-Preservation 1 Reformer. Her relentless pursuit to protect her crew and take down the Xenomorph showcases her integrity and fierce determination. Let’s be real, whether it’s managing the escape plans or giving the alien queen a stern talking-to, Ripley’s all about doing what’s right, no matter the cost.

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2. All Might (My Hero Academia) – The Helper (Enneagram 2)

Enneagram 2 Action Hero: All Might

“I Will Protect Your Son, Even If It’ll Cost Me My Life.” – All Might

Enneagram 2 Overview: Focuses on being indispensable, needed, and selfless. Emphasizes their role as a positive, generous, and loving person.  They may overemphasize the needs of others, and neglect their own needs in the process.

All Might is the embodiment of hope, literally fueled by the desire to uplift and protect others. With a smile that can light up the darkest corners of the universe (and his ridiculously chiseled jaw), All Might is the superhero version of that friend who insists on carrying everyone’s groceries in one trip. His arc from unbeatable hero to mentor shows us how much 2s can be willing to sacrifice to bring positivity and meaning to other’s lives, preferably while looking fabulous in spandex.

  • Empathetic Powerhouse: At the core of All Might’s heroism is an immense capacity for empathy. He doesn’t just save the day; he emotionally connects with those he saves, making sure they feel protected and inspired.
  • The Ultimate Cheerleader: With a catchphrase like “I am here!”, All Might is the personification of encouragement. He’s not just about fighting villains; he’s about uplifting spirits.
  • Self-Sacrifice to a Fault: All Might doesn’t just go the extra mile; he goes an extra ten, often at the expense of his own health.
  • Looking for Approval: Despite his fame and power, All Might often seeks reassurance that he’s doing enough.
  • Personal Connections Matter: For All Might, being a hero isn’t a solo gig; it’s about creating and nurturing personal connections. Whether it’s mentorship or friendships, he deeply values these relationships.

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3. Han Solo (Star Wars) – The Achiever (Enneagram 3)

Enneagram 3 Action Hero: Han Solo

“You know sometimes I amaze even myself” – Han Solo

Enneagram 3 Overview: This type focuses on being efficient, competent, and outstanding. They focus on goals, pragmatism, and image. While they know how to work the system, they also like being outside of it; bending the rules and finding shortcuts.

Han Solo, the charming smuggler with a heart of gold and a debt to Jabba the Hutt, is the epitome of the Enneagram 3. His transformation from a self-centered survivor to a key player in the galactic rebellion showcases his deep motivation to achieve greatness and gain the respect of his peers (and win the affection of a certain princess/general). Han’s motto? “Never tell me the odds,” especially when it comes to winning.

  • Charm Offensive: Han Solo has that effortless charm and wit that makes him naturally persuasive. Whether he’s negotiating with fellow smugglers or sweet-talking Princess Leia, Han knows how to work a room.
  • Adaptable Achiever: Like a true Enneagram 3, Han adapts to whatever the galaxy throws his way, always with an eye on the prize. Whether it’s outmaneuvering the Empire or rescuing friends, he’s focused on success.
  • Goal-Oriented: Han’s decisions are driven by his goals, whether that’s paying off Jabba the Hutt or supporting the Rebel Alliance.
  • Competitive Nature: Han’s declaration, “Never tell me the odds,” speaks to his competitive spirit. He loves a challenge and is determined to come out on top, embodying the Three’s love of competition and victory.

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4. Kid (Monkey Man) and Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) – The Individualists (Enneagram 4)

Enneagram 4 Action Heroes include Kid from Monkey Man and Luke Skywalker

“They don’t even see us. They’re all up there living, and we’re stuck here in this.” – Kid

Enneagram 4 Overview: This type focuses on finding themselves and their unique identity and meaning. They seek understanding, depth, and significance.

Kid from Monkey Man isn’t necessarily the first person you’d think of when you think of a 4. Like the 6, many people have a condescending view of Fours. They imagine emo kids complaining out their lives while applying heavy black eyeliner, or they picture navel-gazing poets who can’t look beyond their own experience. The truth is, there are a wide variety of Fours and many can showcase intense courage for the right reasons.

Let’s start by talking about Kid from Monkey Man. He’s not just any Four, he’s a self-preservation Four, which is the Four countertype (the Four that doesn’t look like  a Four). He’s committed his life to finding himself and who he is, where he belongs, and the only way he can seem to do that is through exacting revenge on the people who stole his childhood, his village, and his mother from him. Beatrice Chestnut, a licensed psychotherapist and Enneagram expert, says of the self-preservation Four, “Self-Preservation Fours demand a lot of themselves. They have a strong need to endure, so they develop an ability to do without. They put themselves in situations that are tough. They test and challenge themselves.”

We can see this again and again with Kid. He dons a monkey mask and purposefully loses violent fights in order to get the money he needs to go after corruption. Self-Preservation Fours internalize their suffering and work tirelessly to get what they want in a more autonomous way than the other Four subtypes. They seem long suffering, and they try to cope with whatever pain life hurls their way without talking about it. Kid’s quiet, stoic demeanor is a cover-up for an individual who is deeply troubled but also deeply passionate about his cause.

  • Intense Emotional Depth: Kid is driven by the deep emotional wounds inflicted by the loss of his family and village. This profound pain fuels his actions and gives him a sense of purpose.
  • Self-Preservation and Endurance: Kid’s ability to endure physical and emotional pain, and his tendency to tackle challenges head-on, align with the self-preservation subtype of Enneagram 4.
  • Solo Mission: He tries to operates independently, taking on the mantle of avenger and justice-bringer alone, reflecting the autonomous nature of Fours.
  • Moral Passion: His relentless drive to seek justice and end corruption stems from a passionate moral compass
  • Revenge as Solace: Kid believes that avenging his mother’s death and the destruction of his village will bring him peace and end his internal suffering

Now let’s move on to Luke Skywalker. This dreamy-eyed farm boy yearns for a life beyond Tatooine, and his deep feelings of misunderstanding, and his eventual path to Jedi knighthood scream Enneagram 4. Who else could stare wistfully into a twin sunset and make it look like the universe’s most epic existential crisis?

Luke’s intense inner world and distinct sense of identity are core indicators of his Enneagram 4 nature. His perpetual sense of longing and feeling different from those around him drive much of his journey. This profound sense of being special or unique, while also feeling misunderstood, propels him towards his destiny.

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5. Batman (Christian Bale Version) – The Investigator (Enneagram 5)

Enneagram 5 Action Hero: Batman

“To all of you, uh, all you phonies, all of you two-faced friends, you sycophantic suck-ups who smile through your teeth at me, please leave me in peace. Please go. Stop smiling. It’s not a joke. Please leave. The party’s over. Get out.” – Bruce Wayne

Enneagram 5 Overview: This type focuses on being the expert and having complete information. They focus on analysis, facts, and detached objectivity. Often they reject systems, choosing instead to work on their own, outside of the system. Rules and procedures annoy them.

Bruce Wayne, billionaire by day, caped crusader by night, and always a brooding enigma wrapped in a mystery, embodies the Enneagram 5. With a knack for high-tech gadgets and solving the most cryptic riddles of Gotham’s underbelly, Batman’s quest is one of ceaseless curiosity and emotional detachment. Sure, he wants to save Gotham from evil, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be friends.

  • Lover of Solitude: Batman loves his alone time, perhaps a bit too much. It’s not just for brooding in his Batcave; it’s for deeply intellectual pursuits like, you know, inventing new gadgets to better stalk the night. Who needs social interaction when you have the entire criminal underworld to psychoanalyze?
  • Detached Detective: If Batman had a dating profile, it would read: “Enjoys long nights of crime fighting, emotionally detached introspection, and not discussing feelings. Ever.”
  • Gadget Guru: Only an Enneagram 5 would look at a situation and think, “This could be improved with the application of a highly specific, technologically advanced tool that only I understand.” The utility belt isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a lifestyle.
  • Perpetual Planning: Batman’s level of preparedness goes beyond the Boy Scouts into “I have a plan to take down everyone I know, just in case.” His motto? “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” Except, of course, Batman is never actually surprised.
  • The Ultimate Outsider: Despite being a part of multiple teams and groups, Batman always manages to convey that “I’m not really one of you” vibe, maintaining his independence and, frankly, giving Enneagram 5s everywhere someone to point to and say, “See, it’s not just me.”

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6. John Wick and Jason Bourne – The Loyalists (Enneagram 6)

Enneagram 6 Action Heroes

“People keep asking if I’m back, and I haven’t really had an answer. But now, yeah, I’m thinking I’m back.” – John Wick

Enneagram 6 Overview: This type seeks both independence and support. They want certainty, security, and a clear plan of action. Their minds easily focus on worst-case scenarios so they can feel brave when the worst happens. Their struggle is trying to be committed and reliable while maintaining their own independence.

Ah, the Enneagram 6, often described merely as the “anxious” type. When you mention a 6 to anyone who knows a beginners amount of info about the Enneagram, they think of someone meek and terrified. People tend to think of Sixes in a pretty condescending way. Like each Six is out there building an underground bunker and stockpiling canned goods. But the virtue of the 6 is courage; once they get past their vice of fear. Just take a look at Mr. Wick here; he’s just trying to retire and live out his days in peace, but noooo, the Russian mob has to go and unalive his dog (and while they’re at it, they try to get John Wick, too). Forever loyal to those he cares about, John is the embodiment of an Enneagram 6.

At their core, Sixes are not just worrywarts with a penchant for disaster planning; they are the embodiment of courage. When push comes to shove, a Six transforms from cautious planner to the person running into the fray, armed with nothing but pure resolve (and in John’s case, an impressive arsenal). They stand as the bulwark against chaos, not just for themselves but for their kith and kin.

This shift from anxiety to action is the magic of the Six’s courage. They’re the friends who, despite fearing the very idea of confrontation, will face down a horde of angry bees (or hitmen, take your pick) to protect their garden (or, you know, their vengeance-driven quest). It’s not that the fear vanishes; rather, their love and loyalty for the people and values they hold dear supersede personal trepidations.

  • Faithful to a Fault: John Wick would go to the ends of the earth (or, more accurately, through hordes of assassins) for those he considers loyal and trustworthy. He’s fiercely devoted to his wife and friend Marcus, even after they’re no longer alive.
  • Always Planning Ahead: John Wick is a planner, and not just in his choice of assassinations. He has secret hideouts all over the world, caches of weapons and cash, and complex escape routes for when things inevitably go wrong. That’s what we call being prepared for anything.
  • Fearless Protector: So maybe he goes a little overboard with it, but John Wick’s need to protect those he loves and stand up for what’s right is classic Enneagram 6 behavior. Plus, he does look pretty cool doing it.
  • Suspicious of Strangers: Due to his dangerous career, John Wick has learned not to trust anyone who isn’t already in his circle. And even then, he keeps a close eye on them. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • Intense Commitment: Once John Wick makes a decision, there’s no turning back. Whether it’s avenging his dog or taking down an entire criminal empire, he is all-in and will see things through to the end.

And then let’s move on to Jason Bourne. He’s a man with more passports than a travel blogger and enough suppressed memories to fuel a dozen therapy sessions. He’s another fascinating example of an Enneagram 6, but let’s replace the stockpiled canned goods with multiple forged identities and hidden safety deposit boxes. Often disoriented and unsure of his own past, Bourne’s journey is a perpetual fight for survival, stability, and truth. Trust? That’s a commodity rarer than a chill CIA agent in his world. Endlessly resourceful and fiercely protective of the smattering of allies he somehow acquires, Bourne epitomizes the Six’s wily knack for planning ahead and managing risk—usually while running from pursuers or dismantling a corrupt agency single-handedly.

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7. Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon) and Agent J (Men in Black) – The Enthusiasts (Enneagram 7)

Enneagram 7 action heroes

“Do you really wanna jump? Do you wanna? Well then that’s fine with me. Come on, lets do. Let’s do it. I wanna do it. I wanna do it.” – Martin Riggs

Enneagram 7 Overview: This type seeks out positive experiences, activity, excitement, and fun, thereby evading pain and anxiety with distraction. They may overemphasize their own needs and feel burdened by commitments and others’ needs.

If you’ve ever needed a crash course in how to inject fun into literally explosive situations, Martin Riggs is your go-to guy. A classic Enneagram 7, Riggs demonstrates how a daredevil nature can be both a coping mechanism and a strategy for dismantling bomb threats. His wild and unpredictable demeanor, alongside a heart-wrenching backstory, makes him the life of the party—if the party were a battlefield.

  • Thrill-Seeker: Martin Riggs is constantly chasing the next adrenaline rush whether it’s through daredevil stunts or brushing dangerously close with death. His need for excitement keeps him on the edge, sometimes too close.
  • Escape Artist: Like a true 7, Riggs uses humor and high-risk activities as escapes from emotional pain and trauma. His quick wit and penchant for finding the humorous side in dire situations deflect from deeper issues, a coping mechanism often seen in 7s.
  • Discomfort with Negative Emotions: Riggs struggles to confront his grief and darker emotions, often seeking to mask his pain with action and laughter.
  • Impulsive Behavior: Martin’s impulsive nature, making decisions on the fly and often in search of excitement, is a perfect example of the Enneagram 7’s tendency towards impulsivity and desire for immediate gratification.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: Riggs demonstrates a high level of adaptability, able to handle various situations with a unique blend of courage and creativity.

And let’s not forget about Agent J, Will Smith’s character from Men in Black. Whether he’s swapping wisecracks with extraterrestrial beings or bungee-jumping through a portal to save the world (again), his enthusiasm and impulsiveness knows no bounds. But don’t let the snappy one-liners fool you; his humor often masks a drive to outrun his own fears and past. Always ready with a quip or a grin, Agent J’s hunger for intensity (and knack for alien showdowns) perfectly showcases the 7’s energy and charm.

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8. Snake Plissken and “Dirty” Harry Callahan – The Challengers (Enneagram 8)

Enneagram 8 Action Heroes: Snake Plissken and Dirty Harry Callahan

“You’d better hope I don’t make it back!” – Snake Plissken

Enneagram 8 Overview: This type focuses on gaining independence and self-reliance. They want to need others as little as possible and to be in charge of their own destiny. This can sometimes lead to them having their guard up at all times or refusing to be vulnerable in order to build relationships.

Snake Plissken, the eyepatch-sporting, authority-defying antihero of “Escape from New York” and “Escape from L.A.,” is the quintessential example of an Enneagram 8. Renowned for his rugged individualism, Plissken is a rebel with a cause (often his own cause, but a cause nonetheless). He operates on his own terms, challenging authority and bulldozing through obstacles with the same gusto as he bulldozes through post-apocalyptic cityscapes.

  • Fearless Leader: His leadership style? “Follow me, or get out of the way.” He’s not there to make friends; he’s there to get the job done.
  • Fiercely Independent: Asking Snake Plissken for help is like trying to pet a wolf — it’s beautiful to look at from a distance, but get too close, and you’re likely to lose a hand. He embodies the essence of independence, making it clear that he doesn’t need anyone… but, paradoxically, that’s exactly why people tend to follow him.
  • Rule Challenger: If there’s a rule, Snake’s first instinct is to break it. If there’s a line, he’s going to cross it.
  • Protector of the Underdog: Despite his rough exterior, Snake has a soft spot for the underdog, often putting himself at risk to protect those who have nobody else. This protective streak is hallmark for Enneagram 8s, who will fight tooth and nail for the people and causes they believe in (even if they pretend they’re doing it for some other reason).

And let’s not forget “Dirty” Harry Callahan. This man struts through the San Francisco streets with a trademark snarl and a .44 Magnum that practically has its own zip code. This legendary cop embodies the fierce independence and bulldog tenacity that defines The Challenger. Harry doesn’t just bend the rules; he smirks in the face of them, delivering justice in ways that make conventional methods look like a child’s playdate. But beneath that gruff exterior and the penchant for iconic one-liners, Harry’s commitment to protecting the innocent is engraved in the steel of his revolver. So, while his methods might terrify HR departments city-wide, Dirty Harry’s relentless pursuit of justice makes him the ultimate streetwise protector.

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9. Nameless (Hero) and Frodo (The Lord of the Rings) – The Peacemakers (Enneagram 9)

Enneagram 9 Action Heroes

“A dead man begs you to remember; a warrior’s ultimate act is to lay down his sword.” – Nameless

Enneagram 9 Overview: This type seeks inner harmony and notices the positive qualities of others and their environment. They tend to idealize their world, looking for the positive and trying to maintain inner equilibrium. They often feel overwhelmed by others needs and tend to seek out peace, sometimes to the point of complacency.

Okay friends, it took me absolutely forever to find an action hero who could potentially be an Enneagram 9. The whole theme of the Nine is peacemaking, which flies in the face of most of the action heroes storylines. But Nameless from Hero encapsulates the zen focus of the Nine, while maintaining their desire for peace at all costs.

Nameless is known for his deadly skills, measured approach, and striking lack of emotion. This enigmatic hero fights with the precision of a surgeon, slicing through enemies and existential angst alike, all while maintaining an eerie level of calm. But deep down, Nameless has lost a sense of who he is. In his pursuit of a higher calling, in pursuit of peace over the conflict of his family’s death, he has suppressed his true self.

  • Master of Zen: Nameless operates with serenity and stoicism. His unnervingly calm demeanor in the heat of battle makes him a force to be reckoned with—and a puzzle to be solved.
  • Emotionally Unavailable: If you’re looking for a heart-to-heart or someone to share feelings with, Nameless is not your guy. He’s the strong, silent type to an extreme, making a rock look emotionally available by comparison.
  • Determined Diplomat: Nameless’s ultimate goal is peace, but he believes the road to that end is often paved with the bodies of those standing in his way.
  • Calming Presence: His stoicism and calm are contagious. In a world full of chaos, Nameless is the serene eye of the storm.

Now our next Nine may not really strike you as “action hero”, but he does wield a sword, fight against evil, and overcome insurmountable challenges. Enter Frodo Baggins, Middle-earth’s reluctant hero and possibly the most unassuming Enneagram 9 you’ll ever find. Faced with the monumental task of carrying the One Ring to Mordor, Frodo would rather be chilling in the Shire with a pint of ale and a plate of second breakfast. But don’t mistake his peaceful nature for weakness; Frodo’s grit is as real as Gollum’s dental issues. With Samwise Gamgee by his side (because every diplomat needs a muscle), Frodo manages to navigate the perils of Mordor with a dogged sense of purpose. His compassion for Gollum (and his desire for Sam and Gollum to please stop bickering) showcases the typical 9 need for peace, understanding, and harmony. Frodo’s willingness to step in when people are fighting and do the hard thing that needs to be done also showcases the Nine’s potential courage when others are losing their heads.

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What Do You Think?

Do you relate to the action hero (or heroine) with your Enneagram type? Let us know in the comments!

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The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson (Bantam Books, 1999)

The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge by Beatrice Chestnut (‎She Writes Press, 2013)

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  1. Type 9-Peacemaker
    I don’t repress anger-I just don’t feel anger. I have to be forced into getting angry-otherwise I will always try to find a logical & peaceful way to solve a problem.

  2. Never heard of All Might. Interesting. Good character synopsis on all of them. I wonder if enneagram 2 and 9 find themselves envious of each other in some ways, in dealing with human emotions and problems of others. I realize the opposing like sign is more an astrology thing; just curious.
    That reminds me: rumor of a live action Voltron movie ( finally!) Voltron itself might represent the Protector, could each individual lion represent an enneagram type? ( Or combo of 2, since there are only 6 lions). Maybe Kiran the mentor as well.

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