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The Horror Movie That Will Terrify You, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Looking for something creepy to get you thoroughly spooked before Halloween?

I’ve got you covered.

Your Enneagram type can help with that, too.

Let’s discover which movie will make you hide under a blanket when the lights go out in the theater of horrors!

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The Horror Movie That Will Terrify Each Enneagram Type

Type 1 – The Purge

The Purge and the Enneagram

Watch out Type 1s.

As Reformers or Perfectionists, you will probably fidget in your seat throughout this one.


Because this movie is all about what would happen to the world if unrestrained violence, cruelty, and lawlessness were to be allowed for 12 hours straight, without control from police or consequences for the perpetrators. Anyone, for any reason, could commit any crime, and they’d have no one to answer to. And the very family that thinks they’re safe, and has set up all the right precautions, even praising the purge as being “beneficial for society” will find themselves cornered and facing their darkest fears.

For Ones who strive to be ethical, responsible, and disciplined, The Purge is like a scene from one of their own worst nightmares.

Other Movies That Will Scare Ones: The Vanishing, The Babadook, Frailty, Raw, Suspiria, The Exorcist, The Omen, The Wicker Man.

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Type 2 – The Babadook

The Babadook and the Enneagram

If you’re a Two, prepare to run away from The Babadook. This film is all about a mother grappling with the loss of her husband and trying to raise her troubled and out-of-control child.

Twos will likely relate to the mother in the first part of the film. She’s trying her best to be responsible, to do the right things, and to fight against her own grief and vulnerability to help her son. As a caretaker she knows she has to push her feelings aside and focus on the well-being of her child. But as the film progresses we see her gradually start to lose control as she sees her life ever more invaded by a creepy figure in a top hat. “The babadook,” he calls himself, keeps invading her home through a demented children’s story book she can’t seem to get rid of.

The mother’s descent into panic and madness will be terrifying to Twos because they will empathize with her inner conflict. Their worst nightmare would be to lose control and see or experience their loved ones at risk. This movie will make them ask themselves some tough questions about grief, forgiveness, and the process of pain.

Other Movies That Will Scare Twos: The Innocents, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Hereditary, We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Bad Seed, Don’t Look Now, Goodnight Mommy, When a Stranger Calls

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Type 3 – Sinister

Okay type 3s, you probably don’t want to watch this one alone at night.

Sinister is a found footage film about a true crime writer who moves his family into a house where unsolved murders occurred- with deadly results.

As a Three, you strive to be successful and to achieve your highest goals. Ellison Oswalt, the father in this film, is no different. He craves success, power, and achievement. But he’s also not afraid of getting his hands dirty in the process- even if it puts him at risk.

As the horrifying events escalate around Ellison, he is determined to see them through to their end- but he doesn’t realize it could mean losing everything important in his life.

Threes will cringe at Ellison’s self-centered ambition, but they’ll also relate to his desperation to finally be back on top again. The feeling Ellison has of everything spiraling out of control will seep under your skin and create a dizzying sense of panic.

As a 3 myself, I can vouch for this movie giving me dozens of anxious nights in the years after I watched it. Pursue at your own risk!

Other Movies That Will Scare Threes: Starry Eyes, American Psycho, Black Swan, Old.

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Type 4 – Carrie

Carrie Movie and the Enneagram

This classic coming of age story is about an awkward teenage outcast who gets bullied at school by her classmates and abused at home by her religious fanatic mother. On prom night, everything changes when she becomes the victim of a cruel prank and discovers that she has telekinetic powers.

This movie is all about Carrie’s struggle to establish her identity in an intensely hostile environment. Being different and continually misunderstood can be extremely relatable for Type 4s, who often feel misunderstood and isolated themselves.

Carrie’s final revenge on her tormentors is cathartic, in a way, for anyone who has ever wanted to unleash their pent up rage in one fell swoop. However it may also disturb 4s in that they will find themselves empathizing with Carrie and alarmed by the sheer extent of her fury.

Other Movies That Will Scare Fours: Repulsion, The Sixth Sense, Midsommar, The Company of Wolves, The Orphanage

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Type 5 – Pi

Pi film movie still

Enneagram 5s will relate to this bizarre mind-bending film about a paranoid mathematician attempting to solve the stock market by discovering mathematical patterns that could be predicting future events.

As protoganist Max Cohen gets deeper and deeper into his own investigations, he becomes more and more isolated from the world around him. His obsessiveness leads him to become increasingly detached from social connections as well as physical reality.

Fives will be enamored by Max’s relentless efforts to find the truth, but also disturbed by the world seeming to close in on him and the eventual disastrous consequences of his obsessions.

Other Movies That Will Scare Fives: Get Out, Insidious, It comes at Night, Pontypool, Videodrome

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Type 6 – Get Out

Get Out movie still

When Chris Washington makes an unexpected visit to his girlfriend Rose’s parents’ house in the country, he is met with overzealous hospitality and strange behavior from all of her family members.

As Chris begins to piece together the puzzle, he realizes that the family’s true intentions involve something sinister and terrifying.

For Sixes, relationships and a sense of community mean everything. Get Out hurtles Chris Washington into a community that acts “nice” on the exterior, but is anything but nice on the inside. Relationships he thought were rock solid are destroyed – along with his sense of mental control and autonomy. The underlying evil of racism is lurking just beneath the facade of polish, “niceness,” and prestige.

Sixes will identify with Chris’s uneasiness and skepticism throughout the movie, and they’ll also relate to his determination not to back down and be seen as weak or vulnerable. He won’t stop fighting until he gets his freedom back.

Other Movies That Will Scare Sixes: Rosemary’s Baby, It Follows, The Blair Witch Project, Suspicion, Gaslight, The Descent, The Witch.

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Type 7 – Gerald’s Game

Gerald's Game movie and the Enneagram

When Gerald and Jessie Burlingame leave their home for a romantic weekend getaway, they think it will be the perfect chance to take their relationship to the next level. Gerald sets the stage for a role-playing encounter, handcuffing Jessie to the bedposts, and then later has a heart attack and dies, leaving Jessie trapped on the bed with no way to get out.

As Jessie becomes more and more desperate, she starts hallucinating about her father, mother, and Gerald himself while shadowy figures appear in the corner of her eye. Is it all just a figment of Jessie’s imagination or is something truly sinister going on?

This film will really mess with the Seven’s mind because they hate nothing more than the idea of being trapped. Having choices, freedom, and being able to distract themselves from dark thoughts are all part of the typical Seven’s lifestyle. When Jessie is trapped physically and psychologically, feeling helpless and overwhelmed, it literally encapsulates the Sevens worst fears.

Other Movies That Will Scare Sevens: Misery, Buried, Don’t Breathe, Hellraiser, Saw, The Relic.

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Type 8 – Saw

Saw movie

Photographer Adam Stanheight and oncologist Lawrence Gordon are chained in a dirty bathroom with only a mysterious tape player for company. On the tape, an unknown man says that Lawrence must kill Adam with a hacksaw in order to survive.

As victims of this sick game gradually start dying one by one, both men are pushed to their limits psychologically and physically.

The worst fear of the Eight is to be harmed or controlled by others. Saw takes this fear to an extreme, dragging Lawrence and Adam into a deadly game where they truly have no control over their own lives.

Other Movies That Will Scare Eights: Eden Lake, His House, Escape Room, Get Out, Night of the Living Dead

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Type 9 – Hereditary

The core desire of the Nine is to have inner peace of mind and stability. This will certainly not be the case if they happen to watch Hereditary.

After the loss of her mother, Annie Graham’s family begins to crumble at the seams with increasingly terrifying consequences.

As Annie tries desperately to hold it all together, she experiments with the supernatural world in order to repair the damage in her family. Unfortunately, her experiments only make the situation worse and reveal a sinister scheme that threatens to destroy what’s left of her family.

Nines (and really…most types) will be unsettled by Hereditary because the family crisis causes people to say and do things that are deeply wounding to each other. The father in the story, Steve Graham, tries to keep the peace and hold things together (much like a Nine would) but all his efforts seem to only cause the chaos to intensify. There’s a sense when watching this movie that nobody in the family has any sense of control, that there’s pain and anguish on all sides, and every bit of normalcy or “peace” is breaking apart in all directions. I would suggest Nines stay away from this movie unless they’re ready for a sleepless night ahead!

To be honest, I’m a 3, and I still can’t go around my house at night without turning on the lights and checking the corners of the ceilings because of certain scenes in that movie (if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about!)

Other Movies That Will Scare Nines: Rosemary’s Baby, Carrie, The Haunting, The Shining, The Witch, The Exorcist, The Visit

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  1. I’m a Type 4, Susan. But I found Carrie laughable in spite of my hatred for bullying (Well I don’t fear it. Whenever I see bullying I oppose it with all my ‘David’ might).

    I was terrified by The Babadook and Hereditary, though. The former being the anatomy of fear-psychosis (the thing I can deeply connect with) and the latter in which some real cruel things happen to the characters I care for/relate to.

    Love your articles. Reading them feels that you know about me really well. Thanks. Keep it up

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