Each personality type has unique strengths and gifts to bring to a friendship. While many articles talk about the dating relationships between types, very few discuss more platonic relationships. What can you expect in a friendship with an INTJ? Let’s find out!

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7 Reasons Why You Need an INTJ Friend in Your Life

#1 – INTJs Are Deeply Loyal to Their True Friends

If you have a genuine INTJ friend (not just an acquaintance), they will stick with you till the bitter end. These types choose their friendships carefully and are anything but fair-weather companions. It takes a lot to scare them away once they’ve invested in a friendship with you.

#2 – INTJs Will Be Honest With You

INTJs have no patience for manipulation or sugarcoating (in fact, they are one and the same to an INTJ). If you want a friend who will be direct and tell you the truth, an INTJ is your man…or woman. If they respect you, they won’t lie to you. It’s as simple as that.

#3 – You Can Enjoy Quiet Time Together

Don’t feel like making small talk? Don’t feel like being the life of the party? That’s perfectly fine with an INTJ. They are one of the few types who you can sit with for an hour, maybe reading a book, or just relaxing and thinking, and you will still have had a wonderful time together. They love peace and quiet and won’t begrudge you for needing some.

#4 – No Conversation is Too Deep For an INTJ

INTJs hate surface-level conversation and shallow topics. If you want someone who can get really deep really fast, call your INTJ friend…or wait, don’t call them…text them. If you want to talk about the meaning of life, the purpose of religion, politics, or any “taboo” thing that’s not a proper dinner-table conversation, then an INTJ is a friend you can count on.

#5 – You’ll Help Each Other Reach Your Goals

INTJs are extremely goal-oriented. One of the things they look for (and provide) in a friendship is direction and motivation to reach goals. They usually have big visions and plans for the future and will enjoy sharing those plans with you. They’ll also enjoy strategizing with you and motivating you to reach your hopes and dreams.

#6 – They’ll Help You Solve Problems

INTJs have excellent problem-solving skills thanks to their insight into situations and their objective, logical nature. If you want a friend who will listen to your struggles and actually give you wise solutions, not just for the moment, but for the future as well, then an INTJ is invaluable. Just don’t be offended when they offer advice or solutions instead of platitudes and affirmation when you come to them with a problem.

#7 – INTJs Can Offer Insightful Perspectives

INTJs see everything from many different perspectives. When they look at a problem, they step outside of it and try to view it from every vantage point and angle possible. Only then will they form a conclusion. This makes them more open-minded and empathetic than most type descriptions would imply. This also means that in friendships they can help you to see a bigger picture than what is on the surface.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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