Here’s the Dog Breed That Best Matches Your Enneagram Type

As a golden retriever mom and avid dog lover, I’ve always enjoyed researching dog breeds, their personalities, and quirks. In today’s article we’re taking a look at nine unique dog breeds that (roughly, as much as possible for dogs) fit the 9 Enneagram types. Want to find out which one best fits your type? Read on!

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Here’s the Dog Breed with Your Enneagram Type

Enneagram Type 1 – The Border Collie

Enneagram 1 dog is the border collie

Enneagram 1 Characteristics: No-nonsense, pragmatic, objective, principled, hard-working, responsible.

If there was any dog breed that embodied obedience, intelligence, and perfectionism, it would be the Border Collie. Known for their high energy levels and extreme work ethic, these dogs are a perfect match for Enneagram Type 1 personalities. My husband had several border collies when he was growing up and I swear no other dog could ever impress him to the level they did. I think our golden retriever is jealous. These breeds are highly trainable and thrive in structured environments, making them the perfect companion for Type 1s. And like Ones at their best, they are grounded, open, and connected with life and know how to have fun when all their work is done.

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Enneagram Type 2 – The Golden Retriever

Enneagram 2 is the golden retriever

Enneagram 2 Characteristics: Warm, generous, caring, enthusiastic, and relational.

Golden Retrievers are deeply devoted, loving dog breeds who would like nothing better than to cuddle up and watch a movie with you on the couch. I never knew dogs could “hug” until I got a golden retriever puppy. She regularly would lean her head against me, cuddle me, or even put her paws on my shoulders and lean her head against my chest. These dogs love to feel valued, needed, and adored.  They thrive on human companionship, embodying the loyal and supportive nature that Twos are famous for. They’re always ready to lend a comforting paw and love laughter, warmth, hugs, pets, and verbal affirmation. Just as Twos at their best are unselfish, loving, and giving, Golden Retrievers provide unconditional love, proving time and again why they’re considered one of the best family dogs.

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Enneagram Type 3 – The Pomeranian

Enneagram 3 is the pomeranian

Enneagram 3 Characteristics: Ambitious, adaptive, energetic, driven to succeed, image-conscious.

While they may come in a small package, Pomeranians (or “pom pom” dogs as my kids call them) are packed with personality and playfulness. With their fluffy coats and spirited personalities, Pomeranians command attention wherever they go. They are incredibly energetic and enjoy being the center of attention. Easily trainable, Pomeranians are eager to perform the actions their owners want them to learn and tend to do well in obedience training or dog shows. Even though they’re small, they possess a bold and confident demeanor, embodying the charisma found in Type 3. Their determination to be noticed and appreciated, alongside their love for performance, aligns perfectly with the Type 3’s ambitious and image-conscious nature.

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Enneagram Type 4 – The Basset Hound

Enneagram 4 basset hound

Enneagram 4 Characteristics: Deep-feeling, individualistic, creative, expressive, melancholic, searching for identity.

Finding an Enneagram 4 dog breed felt next to impossible. Fours are inner-directed, deep individuals with a lot of empathy and rich, nuanced feelings. What we can know about dogs is only their observable behavior, not as much what’s going on inside. And most dogs, deep down, run very much on instinct. That said, I finally settled on basset hounds for Fours. Fours are sensitive and thoughtful, and basset hounds also have a sensitive, thoughtful side. They seem to gaze out at the world through sad, melancholy eyes, thinking deeply about who knows what (maybe just their next meal, but we can dream). Like Fours, they march to the beat of their own drum which results in them being a bit stubborn and hard to train. When I was reading forums about basset hounds, many owners raved about their grumpy but lovable demeanor. These pups need a little alone time every day or they get a bit overwhelmed, much like Fours do.  But when they’re ready to play, they like lots of cuddles, fetch, and even singing (or howling) along to their favorite songs.

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Enneagram Type 5 – The Scottish Deerhound

Enneagram 5 is the Scottish deerhound

Enneagram 5 Characteristics: Curious, perceptive, analytical, detached, private.

Most days, Scottish Deerhounds enjoy lounging around, watching life and trying to learn about what it means. They’ve got a chill vibe, taking everything in stride with a smirk that says, “Am I supposed to be impressed?” But when they spot something that actually catches their fancy, they’re off like a bolt, all that laziness suddenly turned into high-speed pursuit. It’s zero to a hundred real quick, but only on their terms. Like healthy Fives, Deerhounds integrate to 7 when they’re excited and pair their intellect with action, energy, and enthusiasm. But on a regular day they like to chill out in their own space and relax, observe, learn on their own terms, and maybe take a nap or three.

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Enneagram Type 6 – The Spanish Water Dog

Enneagram 6 is the Spanish water dog

Enneagram 6 Characteristics: Loyal, responsible, anxious, skeptical, security-oriented.

I have to admit then when I was looking for the Enneagram 6 dog, I specifically looked up dogs that were more anxious and hyper-vigilant. Sixes worry a lot and are constantly aware of their anxieties; but this constant scanning for worst-case scenarios also makes them vigilant, protective, and highly aware of details. Spanish Water Dogs are always on high alert, making sure their family is safe and sound. Their anxious energy makes them perpetually ready to spring into action, mirroring the Type 6’s concern for security and support. On top of that, they’re incredibly hard-working and thrive when given tasks, wanting to feel like they’re contributing to their family’s needs. They also have this protective vibe about them that says, “I’ve got your back.” Whether it’s following you around the house just to ensure you’re okay or alerting you to something amiss, their dedication knows no bounds.

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Enneagram Type 7 – The Irish Setter

Enneagram 7 is the Irish Setter

Enneagram 7 Characteristics: Optimistic, versatile, spontaneous, adventurous, seeking variety and pleasure.

If there’s any dog breed that embodies the joyful, spirited essence of the 7, it’s the Irish Setter. This is my favorite dog breed of all and so I’m thrilled that I get to feature them in this article. When I used to visit my grandmother’s farm as a child there was an Irish Setter named Sheba there, and she was always looking out for me and always ready to play, no matter how old she got. Known for their radiant red coat and boundless energy, these dogs seek a life full of fun and excitement. Their friendly and sweet-natured disposition makes them an instant hit with both adults and children. Yet, Irish Setters are not just all about fun and games; they’re intelligent and affectionate, often forming deep bonds with their families. However, training them requires a bit of patience due to their mischievous and somewhat stubborn streak. They’re natural adventurers at heart, always on the lookout for something (or someone) to pique their curiosity. Don’t be surprised if you find them rummaging through your closet for hidden treasures—they’re just trying to satiate their desire for more fun and excitement, just as Enneagram Sevens are apt to do.

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Enneagram Type 8 – The Chow Chow

Enneagram 8 is the chow chow

Enneagram 8 Characteristics: Confident, strong-willed, confrontational, protective, resourceful.

Chow Chows, with their lion-like mane and stately demeanor, encapsulate the essence of Enneagram Type 8s almost too perfectly. These dogs are fiercely independent and, without proper training, they can become aggressive and overly-dominant. Like the unhealthy 8, Chow Chows without patience and training become intimidating, confrontational, and overly-protective of their territory. But healthy Enneagram 8s, like chow chows, are protective, magnanimous, and brave.

This dog breed may not be the type to run up to strangers with wagging tails; but they often have hearts of gold. They will run ahead of corners to make sure their owners are safe, alert their owners of intruders, and keep a watchful eye out for anyone who might be a threat. Their strong-willed nature means they’re not pushovers in any sense; they like to do things their way, and will need an owner who matches their confidence and can provide firm, patient training. They possess a stubborn streak, but it’s this same stubbornness that makes them unyieldingly loyal guardians of their home. This breed’s nuanced balance of independence, protectiveness, and underlying affection makes them my choice for Enneagram 8.

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Enneagram Type 9 – The Newfoundland

Enneagram 9 is the Newfoundland

Enneagram 9 Characteristics: Peaceful, easygoing, reassuring, patient, and accommodating.

The gentle giant of the dog world, the Newfoundland, is my pick for the Enneagram Type 9. Despite their imposing size, these dogs exude a peaceful, easy-going aura. They prefer harmony, love to be part of a happy family, and are incredibly patient and tolerant, even with rowdy children climbing all over them. In fact, J.M. Barrie based Nana, the furry nanny from Peter Pan, on this breed of dog!

Like Nines, Newfoundlands don’t like to make a big fuss or a lot of noise. They are not known for unnecessary barking, choosing instead to stand watch quietly, ensuring their family’s safety with a dignified presence. This watchfulness extends to literal rescues, alerting their families to dangers like fires or saving someone from water—even if it’s just the backyard pool.

Like 9s, Newfoundlands need space and a peaceful, comfy environment where they can relax and recharge. They ask for little more than companionship and the odd adventure to a body of water where they can play and exercise. Loving, sweet-tempered, and laid-back, Newfoundlands and Nines seem like they were meant for each other.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you enjoy this article? Which dog breed do you think is a good fit for your type? Leave me your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to read them!

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  1. Such a refreshing approach to getting under the coats of the Enneagram types! I resonate with Enneagram 1 and the border collie really piqued my curiosity. I would have associated it with an Ennea 7 type, and yet your description was spot on for Ennea 1.
    I loved your emphasis on the positive characteristics of each dog and associated Enneagram type.
    Love your work and really enjoyed this article. Thank you.

  2. I’m a 6… and find that Rhodesian Ridgebacks are the perfect dog for me. They are loyal, very pack focused – they are at your side always, and very in tune with your state of mind. They are chill when all is good but when they sense danger of any sort, they are amazing protectors. It actually helps my anxiety to have them be chill when nothing is up… and when they go into protective mode, I feel very safe.

  3. Matching each Enneagram type to specific dog breeds helped me understand each type better. Fun read. Thanks!

  4. When I saw that you had chosen the New fee as the En9 dog my instant reaction was a comfortable yes. Having been around Newfees growing up I can confirm that they optimise the En9 nature of layed back gentle, watchful protection. Wonderful dogs ♥️

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