The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of The Witcher Characters

Ever wondered which Witcher character has your personality type? Wonder no more! My husband and I just finished streaming the second season of this suspenseful, adventurous show and I set right to work analyzing the characters from a type perspective. Of course, I can’t actually sit across from Geralt of Rivia and give him a thorough type consultation so these are just my opinions based on my training and knowledge of personality type and what I can observe throughout the series. Keep in mind, I’m typing these characters based on how they appear in the Netflix series, not how they appear in the game. I know their representations can be different depending on which medium you’re using to view them.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

The Myers-Briggs personality types of the Witcher characters. #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

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The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of The Witcher Characters

Princess Cirilla – ISFP

Princess Cirilla ISFP

Passionate and determined, Cirilla (or Ciri) is driven to find her purpose and to live according to her conscience. She has the impulsivity and quickness of the Sensing-Perceiving types, while having the personal drive to find herself that is common with Feeling-dominant personality types. When it comes to fighting, she’s determined to prove herself competent and hates feeling left behind or incapable of defending herself. She’s willing to take risks (like potentially becoming a Witcher) without necessarily thinking through all the practical long-term ramifications of doing so. More than anything else, she wants to feel like her life has some purpose for good and she wants to clear her conscience of guilt over circumstances she couldn’t control.

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Queen Calanthe – ESTJ

Queen Calanthe ESTJ

Commanding and forceful, Queen Calanthe knows how to get a job done and lead with power and decisiveness. It’s a lot of work to rule over a kingdom, but she knows how to make tough decisions without getting wrapped up in everyone’s feelings and emotional concerns. That said, she demonstrates some qualities of an unhealthy ESTJ, and often belittles and diminishes the personal values and needs of a wide variety of people in order to further her personal agenda.

Mousesack – ENTP

Mousesack ENTP

We don’t get a very detailed picture of who Mousesack is in the Witcher series. But we learn enough to hypothesize about his type, and hopefully we’re on the right path. He seems to be gregarious, humorous, yet also capable of deep, analytical thought. He sees patterns easily, including the pattern of destiny working beneath the surface in Geralt’s life. Rather than having to have a pre-determined plan for every single thing, he’s highly capable of adapting in the moment and bending the rules to make things work. All this together makes me think ENTP is the best fit for his character.

Dara – ISFP


Observant and careful, Dara does what he can to protect Ciri as well as the Elven people. We don’t get to explore his personality very much in The Witcher series unfortunately, but from what we can see, ISFP seems like the best guess. He is quiet and observes and thinks more than he speaks. He strives to align himself with his values and feelings, and is more interested in taking a personal approach to things than a purely logical one. And unlike a Judging type, he manages unpredictability well and can adapt and change based on the needs and feelings of the moment quite quickly.

Fringilla Vigo – INTJ

Fringilla INTJ

Calculating and strategic, Fringilla knows how to forward her schemes without drawing a lot of attention to herself. While she may seem cold and fanatical in season 1, we see her warmer, more conscientious side in season 2. Like most INTJs, Fringilla has a softer heart than many people realize and she can feel empathy even when it goes against the “rules” of what society has told her. Yet beneath her calm exterior, she’s always analyzing, strategizing, and carefully weighing her options in order to make a choice that will be in her best interests.

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Istredd – INFJ

Istredd INFJ

Kind and studious, Istredd was one of the most well-respected sorcerers in the city of Aedd Gynvael. He was known for being idealistic and romantic, with a sense of honor and loyalty that many admired. At the same time, he was deeply insightful into patterns and could often read where someone was coming from emotionally. His insight, thoroughness, and natural sense of curiosity led him down many paths of discovery and led to him becoming one of the greatest historians of his age.

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Yennefer of Vengerberg – ENTJ

Yennefer ENTJ

Bold and calculating, Yennefer goes after what she wants and is willing to stop at nothing to attain her goals. Like many ENTJs, beneath her commanding exterior is someone softer and more sensitive than many realize. Yet because of her abusive childhood and distrust of people she’s developed a tough outer shell and is hesitant to ever appear vulnerable. Whatever setback befalls her, she can quickly develop a strategy to deal with it. However, her self-serving ways can cause her to make enemies of even the people she deeply cares about.

Tissaia de Vries – ISTJ

Tissaia ESTJ

Decisive and organized, Tissaia has a controlled but protective demeanor. Regardless of how she feels on the inside, she strives to present a detached and authoritative face to the world. Like many ISTJs, she may seem tough and reserved, but inside she often harbors deep and nurturing feelings for others –even the notoriously hotheaded Yennefer.

Sigismund Dijkstra – ENTJ

As the head of Redanian Intelligence, Dijkstra is known for his exceptional cleverness and strategic prowess. Like most ENTJs, he sees beyond the present and can evolve with changing situations to refine his strategy and meet his agendas. Dijkstra portrays some unhealthy ENTJ characteristics; using people as tools rather than valuing them as individuals. His ambition and razor-sharp intellect make him a formidable master of spies.

Triss Merigold – ENFJ

As a powerful sorceress, Triss Merigold craves perfection and meaning in everything she does. Often sweet and gentle, she believes in guiding people towards their potential and protecting her loved ones. She seems to connect easily and empathically with others, a quality many ENFJs share. As an intuitive, she easily grasps patterns, and even says that there is a “vortex of fate” around each of them, drawing their destiny closer with each decision they make.

Nivellen – ESFP

Lively and expressive, Nivellen captures the gregarious, spirited nature of the ESFP. He’s clearly excited by the opportunity to host Geralt and Ciri at his enchanted home. Yet he’s also secretive about the guest he’s hiding there at the same time. Like many ESFPs, he seems to move with a sudden, charismatic spontaneity and come alive with his energetic presentations and stories. He’s clearly extroverted (at least in the Netflix series), talking freely and reacting swiftly. He also seems to be moved more by his feelings and personal desires than what’s logical. Like most perceivers, he reacts quickly and seems to adjust his plans easily when a new challenge arises or an opportunity presents itself.

Jaskier “The Bard” – ENFP

Jaskier ENFP

Humorous and creative, Jaskier seems to be able to concoct a tune wherever he goes with. In typical ENFP fashion, he has a spontaneous creativity that flows forth without any seeming effort. Outgoing, witty, and flirtatious, he keeps the Witcher from becoming too heavy and keeps Geralt from taking himself too seriously. Jaskier may seem irresponsible, but he cares about his friends and will go to any lengths to help them – even if it means risking his life.

Geralt of Rivia “The Witcher” – ISTP
Geralt of Rivia ISTP

Private yet dedicated, Geralt knows how to handle emergency situations with tactical prowess and speed. Like most ISTPs, he keeps his feelings close to the chest, but also like most ISTPs, his stoic demeanor hides a softer interior. Geralt will do nearly anything to protect his loved ones, even if it means putting his life on the line. He quickly adapts to his environment, and is skilled with the use of tools or nearby objects to circumvent attacks from the monsters he fights. Clever, grounded, and analytical, he does what it takes to maintain his freedom while protecting the world from evil.

Nenneke – ENFJ

Nenneke ENFJ

Wise and insightful, Nenneke enjoys helping others with their problems and giving guidance. As the priestess of the Temple of Melitele, she’s seen as a motherly yet stern figure. People naturally respect her and come to her for support, healing, and discernment. An egalitarian figure, she stands up for what she believes in; even going so far as to take a stand against the policies enforced by the Order of the White Rose. She insisted that her temple could be used as a place to heal refugees from Cintra, including elves.

Vesemir – ESTP

Lively and quick for his age, Vesemir is the oldest and most experienced witcher at Kaer Morhen. While he’s known to complain about his weary bones and joints, he’s also a fierce combatant and a protective guide for other witchers. Because there wasn’t a lot of information about Vesemir in the Netflix series, I did read up on his character from the game. Vesemir was an opportunistic witcher, with no problem taking risks and fighting monsters on the road. Unlike a judging type, Vesemir didn’t mind not having a steady home or a stable, consistent life. He enjoyed the sense of adventure that came from living on his own and never knowing what to expect. As he got older, he became more responsible with his decisions and developed a more fatherly side to himself. But he still maintaned the humor, liveliness, and in-the-moment wit that ESTPs are famous for.

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