Discover the compliments that mean the most to each #Enneagram type! #Personality

The Acknowledgment You Crave, Based On Your Enneagram Type

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Enneagram One – Acknowledgment of Integrity

Because your core desire is to have integrity, compliments that acknowledge that mean the world to you. Being recognized for your dependability, fairness, responsibility, or honesty will affirm the moral code that you work daily to live by.

But Remember: Nobody is perfect. You grow and flourish when you learn to relax, laugh, loosen up, and enjoy the beauty of life. While you crave a life that is morally pristine, it’s also important to forgive yourself for failures. Take time to watch a funny movie, walk in nature, play a board game, or just take a nap! Taking time to have fun and accept life as it is helps you to integrate to 7 and become a more well-rounded, joyful individual.

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Enneagram Two – Acknowledgment of Helpfulness

You enjoy connecting with people, understanding their struggles, and lending a helping hand. Being acknowledged for your generosity and empathy holds powerful weight to you. It’s encouraging to know that the efforts you put into helping others are appreciated and not taken for granted.

But Remember: You are valuable for who you are, not just what you give. It’s crucial for you to take time for self-reflection, creativity, and renewal. Take some time to journal your thoughts, paint a picture, or open up to someone you trust about your true struggles. Diving into your feelings and creativity can help you to have a deeper wellspring of strength and joy to draw from to give to yourself and others.

Enneagram Three – Acknowledgment of Achievement

You work hard to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. And you try to do it all with energy, charisma, and confidence. When people take the time to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished it means a lot to you. But you don’t just want praise for what you’ve done (“Hey! Good job on getting that trophy!”), you appreciate praise that acknowledges the inner work that had to be done to achieve your goal (“You practiced so hard to win that trophy and you must have learned so much!”)

But Remember: You’re not alone. While you may want to achieve and accomplish things, take time to remember that you’re connected to a greater whole. It’s okay to ask advice from others, to work alongside a team to improve your community, or to share any anxieties or worries you have – even if it makes you feel less “competent” to have those worries. Doing this helps you to integrate to Six and lead a more connected, balanced, satisfying life.

Enneagram Four – Acknowledgment of Identity

You often feel like a misfit in the world, and while that isn’t always a bad thing, you relish moments where you feel “seen” and accepted for your true self. People who acknowledge your unique outlook on life, your perspectives, feelings, or creativity mean a great deal to you. When someone sees your oddities or quirks and affirms them rather than rolling their eyes or trying to make you “fit in” your world seems brighter and more accepting.

But Remember: You are connected to others and the world around you. Even though you are unique and different, it’s helpful to remember what you have in common with others. Recognizing your connections and commonalities with others can help you to form a deeper connection to the world. Sometimes it can help to step out of your deep feelings and look at the world around you as it really is. Do “mundane” things like pick up trash at a local park, or take more drastic steps to improve the world like helping out at a homeless shelter or a humane society. Read up more about your type in the Enneagram Three Type Profile.

Enneagram Five – Acknowledgment of Competence

As the “Investigator” personality type your mental alertness and curiosity lead you down many roads of research and discovery. You spend a lot of time amassing information and learning about the world, so when people acknowledge your expertise and take time to listen to your insights it can brighten your day immensely. When people acknowledge your proficiency in an area it can help you feel more confident using that skill in everyday life.

But Remember: Understanding and knowledge are part of your journey, but not the entire journey. Take steps to use your knowledge in the real world. Test yourself. Apply for that job that will use your capabilities. Backpack through the Grand Canyon. Exercise. Make a new recipe. Put action to your insights and ingenuity to experience a fuller, more satisfying life. Read up more about your type in the Enneagram Five Type Profile.

Enneagram Six – Acknowledgment of Support

As the “Loyalist” personality type, you will go to great lengths to protect the people you love. Your foresight, caution, and dependability make you a steady support for many. When people take the time to acknowledge your steadfast support it means the world to you. When they, in turn, acknowledge their own support for you by assuring you of their loyalty and friendship it helps you to feel calm and relaxed (feelings that can often seem out of reach).

But Remember: It’s crucial for you to take time to relax and let go of your worries and duties for a little while. Ground yourself in your body. Meditate, exercise, practice deep breathing. Try to quiet your mind and notice all the things you have to appreciate in the current moment. It’s easy for you to mentally get wrapped up in worrying, planning, and preparing instead of enjoying the moment you’re in. When you take regular time to relax your body and calm your mind you experience a more balanced, contented approach to life. Read up more about your type in the Enneagram Six Type Profile.

Enneagram Seven – Acknowledgment of Inventiveness

Adventurous and fun-loving, you have a knack for turning even the direst situations into something positive. When people acknowledge your creativity, ingenuity, and fresh ideas it can make your day. You love showing people new ways to enjoy the world and experience all life has to offer. When people trust you to show them new, positive experiences it affirms your naturally adventurous spirit.

But Remember: Exploring new ideas and experiences is something you excel at, but it can be a distraction from your core needs. It’s crucial for you to take time to pause, reflect, and let yourself experience thoughts or feelings to completion. Take time to analyze your thoughts, contemplate, meditate, and learn. When you have an uncomfortable thought or feeling, instead of reframing it immediately or finding a distraction, sit with that thought and let it run its course in your mind. Processing your experiences fully helps you to integrate to 5 and become more balanced, ingenious, and joyful. Read up more about your type in the Enneagram Seven Type Profile.

Enneagram Eight – Acknowledgment of Strength

You’re someone who works relentlessly to overcome any challenges that prevent you from living an independent, resourceful life. When people acknowledge how you overcame a challenge, fought for something you believed in, or defended someone from injustice it is deeply rewarding to you. You don’t want to just be told “Wow! Look at those muscles,” you want your inner strength and fortitude to be acknowledged.

But Remember: Your strength is only one side of the coin. There’s also a warmer, softer side to you that is vital to embrace. When you reach out to others, relate to others, and forgive minor faults instead of defending yourself against them, then you embrace your true heroism. Reach out to someone you trust and share your heart with them. Send an affirming text to someone you love. Read a book that sparks your empathy for others. These practices can help you integrate to 2 and experience a more joyful, rewarding life. Read up more about your type in the Enneagram Eight Type Profile.

Enneagram Nine – Acknowledgment of Serenity

Open-minded and reassuring, you’re someone that knows how to see the positive side of any situation. People often flock to you for your nurturing, supportive nature. When people acknowledge your ability to create a calm, safe space for them it is deeply satisfying to you. When people affirm your perspectives, the lessons you’ve learned in life, and the support that you provide, it makes you feel calm and satisfied in return.

But Remember: Your tolerant, supportive nature is just one side of who you are. There’s a deeper side of you that is important to nourish. Take time to connect to who you are. Assert yourself when you’re not okay with something that is happening. Get in touch with your true values and stand up for what you believe in. Go after one of your goals and don’t let others dissuade you. Don’t put your desires, values, and goals on the backburner to make life easy for others. This helps you to integrate to Three and enjoy a more fruitful, satisfying life. Read up more on your type in The Enneagram Nine Type Profile.

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Discover the compliments that mean the most to each #Enneagram type! #Personality
Discover the compliments that mean the most to each #Enneagram type! #Personality

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