The Favorite Movies of Each Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

As an MBTI® practitioner, I get a lot of entertainment-style blog post requests. In fact, most of the questions I get have to do with movie or television characters, which is unfortunate because I rarely have time to watch movies or television (unless you’re really interested in Bluey characters, because that I see a lot of). As a mother of five, finding time to veg out on the couch is like finding a pot of gold…anywhere.

But that’s where my research comes in! Over the last couple of months I’ve been surveying my email subscribers and social media followers to try to find out the entertainment preferences of each type. Now that I have at least 1600 responses I’m going to start laying out some of the insights and discoveries I found out along the way!

Discover the favorite movie genres and movies of each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. #MBTI #Personality #INTJ

In this article, we’re going to be discussing the favorite movie genres (and favorite movies) of each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. Is someone more likely to be a comedy or horror buff? Their personality type might just give us some clues!

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The Favorite Movies of Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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ESFP: Comedy

ESFP Favorite Movies

When it comes to movie preferences, ESFPs have a clear favorite: Comedy. This checks out because every single ESFP I know can make me laugh so hard I cry (this literally just happened two nights ago). These adventurous types want a movie that will make them laugh or keep them on the edge of their seat. This is probably why action/adventure came in a strong second place. Many ESFPs mentioned they tend to get tired and fall asleep during movies because they don’t like sitting still; they need films that are visually engaging and full of energy. Among their favorites, the titles Barbie, Fight Club, and Desperado got the most votes.

ENFP: Drama

ENFP favorite movies

People like to talk about ENFPs being a little flighty and impulsive, but the truth is they can be some of the deeper thinkers of the personality world. They seek out movies that offer more than just surface-level entertainment. Their favorite genre? Drama. These idealists crave stories that make them think and feel on multiple levels. But don’t be fooled into thinking they only want heavy, slow-paced films. ENFPs love a good comedy too, with this genre taking second place out of the 11 categories they could choose from. Ideally they’d find a movie that makes them laugh while also offering some thought-provoking concepts to think about. Some standout favorites included Everything Everywhere All At Once, Dead Poets Society, and The Princess Bride—all films that blend heartfelt themes with engaging, fast-paced storytelling.

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ESTP: Action/Adventure

ESTP favorite movies

For ESTPs, the thrill of action/adventure movies is hard to beat. Known for their energetic, spontaneous, and hands-on approach to life, these daredevils need a film that has a quick pace and a smart, engaging storyline. It’s no surprise that action-packed titles like James Bond, Star Wars, Hot Fuzz, and John Wick are among their top picks.

However, it’s not just about the adrenaline rush. ESTPs also have a keen interest in mystery/thriller genres, which came in as a strong second. They enjoy the intellectual challenge these films offer, keeping them guessing and engaged. That said, some ESTPs find it hard to sit still through an entire movie and might get bored or even fall asleep. As a wife of an ESTP I can definitely attest to this; I think I’ve stop more movies because he fell asleep than finished them. For those who are major movie buffs, they often like to mix in some activity while watching, whether it’s doing a few calisthenics or cuddling with a loved one. For ESTPs, it’s all about movies that can keep up with their high energy and curious minds.

ENTP: Sci-Fi

ENTP favorite movies

ENTPs are famous for their innovative, witty, and intellectually curious nature, so it’s no wonder they gravitate towards the fantastical realms of Sci-Fi. They love movies that challenge their mind, fuel their imagination, and bend the rules of reality. For ENTPs, the genre of Sci-Fi is a playground for exploring complex theories, futuristic concepts, and ethical dilemmas. It’s the perfect match for their curious, open-minded spirit. Top favorite movies, regardless of genre? Looper, Star Wars, Inglourious Basterds, and Back to the Future all topped the list.

But let’s not pigeonhole them—ENTPs also have a love for Action/Adventure movies. As energetic types, they enjoy a movie that can keep up with their rapid minds and hunger for novelty. Just like their ideal Sci-Fi flicks, Action/Adventure movies are packed with excitement and twists that hold their attention from start to finish. The combination of both genres offers the best of both worlds: thought-provoking sci-fi scenarios and heart-pounding action sequences.

ISFP: Drama

ISFP favorite movies

ISFPs have a natural affinity for Drama films. These virtuosos crave movies that resonate with their emotions and offer rich, immersive visuals. They are drawn to stories that reflect their inner depth, capturing the beauty of human relationships and often complex, even messy feelings. Their favorite films included Amelie, Howl’s Moving Castle, and La La Land.

But don’t assume ISFPs are solely about the serious stuff; Animation holds a firm second place in their hearts. Their appreciation for visual beauty and imaginative storytelling makes animation a perfect fit. Studio Ghibli films and Disney animation are often mentioned in their survey comments. These offer a blend of artistry and fantasy that delight their senses as well as their thirst for the novel and emotionally inspiring.

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INFP: Fantasy

INFP favorite movies

When it comes to INFPs, the world of Fantasy reigns supreme. These “Dreamer” personality types find excitement and inspiration in stories that transport them to otherworldly realms. The allure of magical landscapes, epic quests, and mystical creatures resonates deeply with their introspective and imaginative nature. It’s no wonder titles like Spirited Away, The Lord of the Rings, and Edward Scissorhands are among their favorites. These films speak to their love for the otherworldly and their appreciation for stories that explore deep emotional truths through fantastical settings.

INFPs also have a soft spot for Drama, coming in as their second favorite genre. While Fantasy lets their imagination take flight, Drama satisfies their craving for emotional depth and rich storytelling. Movies like The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind get them immersed in their introverted feeling side, exploring the beauty of sadness, grief, hope, and love. For these gentle souls, the blend of fantastical and dramatic elements in a movie provides the perfect cocktail of escapism and introspection.

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ISTP: Horror

ISTP favorite movies

ISTPs are the vigilantes of the personality world, and their movie tastes are no surprise. They get a kick out of the intense thrill and suspense that Horror films offer. They’re not ones to shy away from the dark and eerie; but quite a few commenters said that they laughed at horror movies more than gasped in fear. And oddly, as much as they voted for Horror as a favorite genre, when they mentioned their favorite movies specifically, Action/Adventure and Mystery/Thriller films showed up more frequently. Their favorites included The Bourne Identity, The Silence of the Lambs, and The Shawshank Redemption.

ISTPs also showed a strong taste for Action/Adventure, with this category coming in second. After all, these adventurous souls need their fix of high-paced action and daring escapades.

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INTP: Sci-Fi

INTP favorite movies

It didn’t surprise me at all that the go-to genre for INTPs was Sci-Fi. These cerebral aficionados crave films that stretch the boundaries of imagination and make them question everything they thought they knew about reality. Favorite flicks? Mr. Nobody, The Matrix, and The Lord of the Rings (yes, we know it’s a Fantasy epic, but it’s got complex world-building that fuels their wildest intellectual fantasies).

But Sci-Fi isn’t their only love. Thrillers and Mysteries come in as a close second, offering the perfect blend of brain-teasing puzzles and nail-biting suspense that keep their ever-active minds engaged.

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ESFJ: Action/Adventure

ESFJ favorite movies

ESFJs may seem like they’d be all about relationship-oriented movies, but when it comes to their entertainment choices, they much prefer something that puts them on the edge of their seat! These “Defenders” of the type world want to watch something that is packed with excitement, grand narratives, and heroic deeds—elements that line up with their desire to fight for their values above all else. ESFJs love stories where good triumphs over evil and where bravery and camaraderie are the focus. Their favorite movies like A Princess Bride, Braveheart, and Red embody these themes.

Comedy comes in as a close second for ESFJs. From witty banter to slapstick humor, the Comedy genre offers a perfect escape from the daily grind while feeding their love for shared joy and connection. Love, Actually was voted for at least a dozen times, with several commenters mentioning that it’s a must-watch during the holiday season.

ENFJ: Fantasy

ENFJ favorite movies

ENFJs have a knack for seeking out the magic in life, so it makes perfect sense that Fantasy tops their list of favorite movie genres. They are drawn to movies that transport them to enchanted worlds filled with impossible possibilities, and these imaginative journeys often come with deeply inspiring messages that resonate with their core values. Films like Harry Potter series and Interstellar are prime examples of what captures their hearts; these stories combine otherworldly elements with profound emotional and ethical questions, something ENFJs can’t get enough of.

Dramas came in second place for ENFJs, with movies like The Pursuit of Happyness and Soul getting a lot of votes.  These stories are packed with emotional highs and lows, even exploring existential themes and matters of life and death. For ENFJs, the best films are those that make them think, feel, and dream all at once.

ESTJ: Action/Adventure

ESTJ favorite movies

ESTJs are the go-getters and organizers of the personality world, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to movies, they’re all about Action/Adventure. These natural leaders love films that are packed with excitement, rapid-fire sequences, and bold heroes taking control of chaotic situations. You won’t find them zoning out during a high-octane car chase or daring escape from a dinosaur-infested island. Movies like Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones are right up their alley, keeping them glued to the screen while they mentally plan their own hypothetical escape routes.

But ESTJs don’t just stop at action; they also have a secret soft spot for Drama. These no-nonsense types enjoy a good, heart-wrenching story that dives deep into human experiences and moral dilemmas. Films like The Shawshank Redemption and Gone with the Wind hit them right in the feels, offering them a mix of compelling storytelling and intense character development.

ENTJ: Drama

ENTJ favorite movies

These driven and ambitious types crave films that make them think, enlighten them with new insights, and allow them to contemplate the complexities of human nature. They appreciate stories that explore the deeper struggles of humanity, power dynamics, and moral dilemmas. Their favorite movies like The Godfather, Requiem for a Dream, Amadeus, Slumdog Millionaire, and American Psycho give them though-provoking character studies that capture their hunger for the profound.

Following closely behind, Science Fiction is their second favorite genre. ENTJs are drawn to films that push the boundaries of reality and offer scenarios about potential futures. Sci-Fi flicks satisfy their intellectual curiosity and offer a platform for contemplating ethical questions and futuristic possibilities.

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ISFJ: Comedy

ISFJ favorite movies

ISFJs are the gentle nurturers of the personality world, and they’re usually busy making sure everyone else has what they need to be happy. But when it’s time for them to kick back and relax, nothing hits the spot like a good Comedy. These nostalgic types love films that are a blend of humor and heart, often filled with iconic one-liners that they can recite by heart. Favorites like Mean Girls and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were mentioned by quite a few ISFJs in the survey. Who can resist quoting “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”?

Yet, laughter isn’t their only love. They also have a secret soft spot for Romance. Classic tales like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice capture their hearts with stories of enduring love amid breathtaking landscapes. These movies often feature characters overcoming great odds to be together, which checks out since ISFJs are all about loyalty and commitment. They also have a penchant for films that combine their love of nostalgia and relationship dynamics, like Back to the Future.

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INFJ: Thriller/Mystery

INFJ favorite movies

INFJs are the deep thinkers and idealists of the personality world, so it’s no surprise that their go-to movie genre is Thriller/Mystery. For these “Mystics,” it’s all about catching those subtle hints, forming predictions, and connecting the dots long before the big reveal. Movies like The Sixth Sense and Inception captivate their sharp minds, providing the perfect blend of suspense and intellectual stimulation. There’s something incredibly satisfying for INFJs about peeling back the layers of a well-crafted mystery to uncover the truth hidden beneath the surface.

Not far off from their love for solving puzzles and uncovering secrets, INFJs also love Dramas. This genre lets them dive deep into the emotional and psychological worlds of interesting characters. Films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Dune allow them to explore complex character dynamics and life’s big, existential questions.

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ISTJ: Drama

ISTJ favorite movies

ISTJs are drawn to stories that feature heroes fighting against evil, standing up for what’s right, and showcasing the virtues of hard work and responsibility. They find satisfaction in watching characters who embody their deepest values, which is why movies like Batman: The Dark Knight, Pride and Prejudice, and Braveheart make frequent appearances on their must-watch list. For ISTJs, there’s nothing quite like a story that allows them to escape from reality while simultaneously resonating with their strong moral compass.

And when they’re in the mood for a bit more adrenaline, Action/Adventure is their next go-to genre. The thrill of watching bold characters navigate chaotic scenarios aligns with their dutiful, disciplined, steadfast nature. Films like The Shawshank Redemption and True Grit aren’t just entertaining—they’re an inspiring blend of courage, perseverance, and integrity. These stories give ISTJs a thrilling escape while reinforcing the importance of sticking to one’s principles, even when the going gets tough.

INTJ: Sci-Fi

INTJ Favorite Movies

INTJs are the strategists of the personality world, always theorizing about the future and trying to narrow down what will likely happen. It’s no wonder their favorite movie genre is Science Fiction. They love exploring stories about potential futures and contemplating the ethical and technological questions that come with them. Films like Inception, Dune, and The Matrix allow them to flex their mental muscles, diving deep into complex plots and big ideas that spark endless thought and conversation. For INTJs, movies aren’t just entertainment—they’re an intellectual exercise that gives them the perfect playground for their powerful imaginations.

But it doesn’t stop there; Drama is a close runner-up for INTJs. They are drawn to stories that tackle the human condition and delve into deeper emotional and personal struggles. Movies like Oppenheimer and V for Vendetta strike a chord with their introverted feeling side, offering a rich world of complex characters who are struggling with big moral implications and complicated worlds where greed and corruption reign supreme. These movies provide not just entertainment, but a meaningful exploration of the pain and beauty of life, satisfying the INTJ’s thirst for depth.

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  1. I am an ESJF and I mostly watch Sci-Fi. Star Trek, Babylon 5, Alien Nation, Planet of the Apes, Buck Rogers… That’s my thing. Not Action/Adventure. So much of this site has things wrong about my said personality, that I’m ready to unsubscribe, because I don’t see this as based on actual science.

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