The Hidden Talents of Every Enneagram Personality Type

Ever received a compliment that you were genuinely surprised by? Do you pick up on certain activities and skills with ease, and much faster than others? You’ve definitely got a slew of hidden talents hidden inside the depths of your Enneatype. They are the result of years of developing your unconscious desires and motivations.

Hidden talents sometimes emerge from a peak experience, which shifts your perspectives in an illuminating way. After the (usually life-altering) event, you gain a new sense of responsibility and direction for your life—and purpose.

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Let’s take a closer look at the hidden potential within you!

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Enneatype One

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, you have the ability to make good long-term decisions with limited information. You’re the go-to friend for life advice (and let’s face it—everything else). Your internal moral compass gives you the strength to pull others in a direction of growth, and dish out the difficult (yet necessary) conversations with tact.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Know how to protect yourself and loved ones
  • Make smart long-term decisions in advance
  • Give practical advice to guide others in a healthy direction
  • Stay on-guard for potential areas for improvement
  • Manage your needs and lifestyle with confidence
  • Run through each day with a strong sense of purpose

Enneatype Two

With the ability to make anyone feel at ease instantaneously, you possess the hidden talent of emotional intelligence and radical empathy. Strangers on the street approach you for directions on the daily and you’re greeted with anticipation wherever you walk. You also make an excellent matchmaker and inspire others to cooperate and care for the greater good.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Help make others feel at ease naturally
  • Improve the atmosphere of a discussion
  • Give others hope and joy through difficult times
  • Support others and inspire them to do the same
  • Gently express yourself through a variety of creative outlets
  • See the good in every individual and help nurture their strengths

Enneatype Three

With situations and with people, you can spot endless hidden potential. Life is a huge playing field with unlimited ways to make an impact—and you’re keen on making the best with what you’ve got. Dealt with a less-than-optimal hand of cards? It’s your turn to play to your advantage wisely. You know exactly how to set realistic goals and push your personal growth forward.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • See the hidden potential in others
  • Persevere even when the going gets tough
  • Empower others to reach higher goals
  • Turn down time into prime time
  • Freely share stories of failure and learned lessons
  • Seek out ways to incorporate optimism into your life

Enneatype Four

You seek and find the beauty in any emotion, and make it come to life. By combining complex ideas and concepts, you’re able to creatively express yourself in artistic ventures like writing, artistry, or performing. By reading in-between the lines, new doors are opened; new horizons are granted; new perspectives are brought to light.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Transform past pains into beautiful art
  • Resist peer pressure and trends
  • Take a stand for your beliefs
  • Share deep insights and feelings with the world
  • See the connections between the past and the future
  • Explore what it means to be fully alive and thriving

Enneatype Five

The world is a series of interconnected puzzles to analyze and improve. You have the vision and curiosity to spot seemingly unrelated patterns and connect different domains to dive deep into esoteric topics. Through trial and error, you formulate various personal paradigms and set the stage for mastery in your field(s) of choice.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Elucidate once mysterious and complicated matters
  • Focus deeply with laser-sharp concentration
  • Spot logical inconsistencies with ease
  • Appreciate the unknowable components of reality
  • Improve and extend upon pre-existing theories
  • Discover new ways of thinking and perceiving

Enneatype Six

You’ve got a seriously wicked sense of humor. Self-deprecating, sometimes—but always funny. You understand what it’s like to second-guess every decision, which opens up your heart to bucket-loads of empathy and patience. The ability to stick up for your beliefs and your friends earns you a spot in any lucky individual’s heart.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Take all factors into consideration before taking action
  • Have unconditional empathy for others
  • Possess a great sense of humor
  • Easily communicate with different people
  • Are highly adaptable and ready for any scenario
  • Know how to respond to any detour in a plan

Enneatype Seven

Seeing the cup as half full is your conscious talent. Hidden deep inside your goofy grin, however, is your unshakable strength. You have a determined outlook on life and know that everything will work out in the end. Your charisma embraces others and restores previously deserted wastelands of broken egos and dreams. What had previously been deemed impossible now has a second chance to see the light of day.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Multi-task and find ways to regain energy in a short amount of time
  • Reframe failures in an optimistic light
  • Have an eternal child who forgives readily
  • Ideate creative masterpieces with boundless energy
  • Look at life and projects with fresh eyes
  • Are hungry to learn and grow each day

Enneatype Eight

You thoroughly understand the importance of perseverance and self-efficacy. When a situation seems bleak or on the verge of ruins—you can plow through all remaining resources and figure out the best course of action. You transform failures into fuel for success. Through detours and setbacks, you can easily pick yourself right back up and march forth with confidence.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Stay cool as and unshakeable in the midst of conflict
  • Make challenging decisions with confidence
  • Pick yourself up after each fall and keep going
  • Know intuitively when to change directions
  • Protect the ones who may be reluctant to speak up
  • Discover new ways to support others through your authority

Enneatype Nine

Peacemaking is one of your greatest strengths. You’re able to see all sides of an issue and acknowledge the points of view of each individual. By keeping your zen in check and opening your ears to suggestions, you can restore relationships and strengthen the glue that holds a group or organization together.

With your hidden talents, you:

  • Diffuse conflict with finesse
  • See alternative perspectives to an issue
  • Radiate compassion and high emotional intelligence
  • Have a gentle influence upon others
  • Repair broken or strained relationships
  • Listen and offer sound advice

It’s a truly eye-opening experience when you uncover and nurture your hidden talents to improve and inspire of others—as well as your own. The potential within is limitless—it’s up to you to look inward or ask for guidance from an external perspective!

Have you discovered something new about yourself? How do you use your hidden talents to better yourself and others? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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