Here’s What Really Motivates You, Based on Your Enneagram Type

As we’re living in one of the most purpose-driven eras ever, motivation is becoming a huge factor in the lifestyles we choose. The people we open up to. The risks we take. The emotions we feel. The mission statement we strive to discover and adopt as a core part of our identity.

Each Enneatype has a prime motivation (some call it a ‘purpose’ or ‘calling’). It’s the reason why you have a burst of energy in the morning to get up and crack a smile.

Find out what really motivates and inspires you, based on your #enneatype. #Enneagram #Personality

The Japanese concept of Ikigai takes an interesting look at finding and preserving true purpose in your career and life: one that focuses on the intersection between your passion, skills, finances, and what the world needs.

So, what really motivates you, deep down, based on your Enneatype?

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Here’s What Really Motivates You, Based on Your Enneagram Type

Enneatype 1

Implementing your vision of a better, more fair world.

Your sense of justice paired with a better future for everyone drives your actions and decisions. You envision a world with more acceptance, equality, and opportunities for all. Whether that’s in politics, social work, or healthcare—your mission is to use your ability to create a fair and safe environment for the greater good.

Enneatype 2

Making the lives of others better through kindness and patience.

Making another person happy is one of the best feelings in the world to you. Service above self is the motto you swear by. You have a big heart and a burning desire to help others be their very best. This means you’re always taking mental notes of others’ love languages and catering to their needs—while keeping your own in check.

Enneatype 3

Using your natural talents and abilities to inspire and influence others.

You’re willing to put in the extra hours to rise to the top of your game. Learning new skills and adding to your expanding tool-belt helps you focus on the most important vision or mission you’ve set out to complete. New mountains to climb and challenges to overtake fuel the passion and accelerating drive in you.

Enneatype 4

Creatively expressing your authentic self—warts and all—to the world.

Feelings run deep in your soul. You have a persistent drive to channel that energy into beautiful, groundbreaking art or intellectual expression. By releasing your thoughts and emotions into the world, you can move on and gain a sense of closure. This metamorphosis and transformational process shakes up your worldview with a striking bolt of intensity.

Enneatype 5

Achieving mastery in your subject(s) of interest and sharing your wisdom with the world.

The pinnacle of your experience is to gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of a topic. You search far and wide for the best sources of information so that you can lay the groundwork for your knowledge to expand. You strive to garner and harvest a crop of information and share it with the world. Such begins your journey to mastery: stacking up knowledge, one brick at a time.

Enneatype 6

Obtaining an inner balance of security. Trusting yourself and others.

You dream of a lasting peace that gently reassures you during every step of your life journey. During times of stress and uncertainty, you crave an unshakable sense of confidence in your choices. You long for a life without constant skepticism and questioning, an internal and external haven from the noise and chaos. You strive to develop a mindset backed by full acceptance and stability.

Enneatype 7

Exploring all life has to offer with a set of fresh eyes, every single day.

After all, tomorrow is another day!” – Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With the Wind. You strive to live a life without regret, boredom, or stagnancy. Every experience has its merits and purpose. While you enjoy basking in the realm of ideas and plans, you also cherish the rush of putting yourself out there. Two words: purposeful exploration.

Enneatype 8

Taking full charge of your happiness and success, while protecting your loved ones.

Your ultimate goal is to be fully self-sufficient, as well as openly giving. This is a paradoxical tango at first, and a rather fine one when mastered. You march to the beat of your own drum, unfettered by the demands and perceived obligations of outer sources. When you feel secure in your actions and plans, you then proceed to protect others and stand up for the underdogs of the world.

Enneatype 9

Finding a long-lasting inner balance of peace and serenity.

A gentler, more accepting world is the one you envision with glimmering hope every day, In your mind, the steps towards societal progress starts with a listening ear; a helping hand, and a deep, spiritual serenity. You’re the one who sends hand-written postcards, just because. You find comfort in knowing that empathy and optimism flow through you. True joy floods your soul when you contemplate the inter-connectedness and meaning of all things – knowing that we all affect each other. You are motivated to create a sense of unity and tranquility in the lives of others and yourself.

Your intrinsic motivation—one free from the allure of external rewards—stands the test of time. Passion and talent alone brings you through the first few hurdles. After that, it’s a matter of choice and perseverance. Effort and purpose. Optimism and self-assurance.

How did you end up finding motivation? Is knowing your Enneagram type conducive to your personal growth? Share your stories in the comments below!

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Find out what really inspires and motivates you, based on your #enneatype. #Enneagram #personality

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